Updating Firmware

    Updating Firmware for above 2.0

    1. Go here to download the latest firmware.
    2. Make sure your printer is connected to MakerBot Print either by USB cable, WiFi, or Ethernet.
    3. In MakerBot Print, select your printer.
    4. Under the camera view, select Utilities.
    5. Select Firmware Update.
    6. Select Browse.
    7. Select the file you just downloaded (you don't need to unzip the file).

    Updating Firmware for below 2.0

    You will need to use the MakerBot Desktop software that you can download here.

    1. Connect your printer to MakerBot Desktop.
    2. Go to Devices.
    3. Select Update Firmware.
    4. Select the most recent version of firmware available for your printer. The firmware update will take 20 minutes to complete.

    After updating your firmware, if you wish to go back to the MakerBot Print software, on MakerBot Desktop, please go to Services > Stop Background Services. Then restart your computer and open MakerBot Print.

    If you wish to continue using MakerBot Desktop, do not turn off Background Services.