Makerbot Print Release Notes

    MakerBot Print Releases

    MakerBot Print 4.10.1

    Released 10.26.2020

    • Fixed critical slicing bug causing Sketch printers to falsely trigger out of bounds error.

    MakerBot Print 4.10

    Released 10.21.2020

    • Implementation of new toolpath algorithms and tuned parameters that will significantly improve stringing and zipper defects on the METHOD platform
    • New breakaway parameters for ABS and ASA making it easier for users to remove model material breakaway 
    • Integration of Google Single Sign On in the Print log in module.
    • Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber support on Extruder 1C
    • Nylon Carbon Fiber support in LABS extruder materials drop down
    • New parameters added for LABS extruders. These settings can be found after inserting a LABS extruder

    MakerBot Print 4.9

    Released 6.26.2020

    • Nylon Carbon Fiber material and extruder support
    • MakerBot material store integration into MakerBot Print 

    MakerBot Print 4.8

    Released 5.4.2020

    • Compatibility with macOS Catalina (version 10.15)
    • Smart Zippers - Hide the zipper in the most concave point of the model. This setting will take precedence over "Do Fixed Shell Start". Users can find this feature under Custom Setting - Shells - Do Smart Zippers 
    • PC-ABS/PC-ABS-FR material added to METHOD X printers
    • Nylon base material added to LABS extruder 
    • Smart post-purge tower printing - Improved layer alignment by automatically adjusting settings post purge tower printing. 
    • Improved PLA/Tough Balanced print mode for better surface finish. 

    MakerBot Print 4.7

    Released 2.26.2020

    • SKETCH support which includes slicing for Tough and PLA
    • Nylon material support
    • Exposed new settings in custom settings for METHOD platform to allow for more customization of the printer
    • Firmware update checks are being performed to inform users of out-of-date firmwares and ensure MakerBot Print and firmware compatibility

    MakerBot Print 4.6

    Release 1.30.2020

    METHOD Platform Updates

    • ASA and ABS support breakaway (beta).
    • Models less than 75 x 75 x 75 mm deactivate printer chamber temperature (PLA and Tough materials, all print modes).
    • Prints using thin ASA walls/shells tuned for improved print quality.
    • Improvements to High Quality Mode for Tough and PLA.
    • New settings to mitigate layer distortion (see MakerBot Print 4.6 setting descriptions for more information).
      • Purge Early End
      • Extruder 1 Filament Cooling Fan Speed: Outlines

    MakerBot Print 4.5

    Release 12.16.2019

    METHOD Platform Updates

    • Support for MakerBot Labs extruder. Click here to learn more about the MakerBot Labs program.
    • Default support structure is changed to Taper-In Support for most optimized support structure.

    MakerBot Print 4.4

    Release 11.14.2019

    Printer Agnostic Updates

    • MB Print to printer connectivity improvements to reduce printer dropouts

    METHOD Platform Updates

    • ASA material support with tuned balanced and solid print mode. Order ASA material here.
    • Tough and PLA high quality print mode
    • Better print quality/success rate for thin walled ABS prints
    • PETG solid print mode
    • Reduced stringing on PETG balanced print mode
    • Breakaway support for Tough and PLA
    • Model and purge tower collision detection bug fix. Users will now be warned if the model and purge tower is overlapping

    Legacy Printer Improvements

    • Improved harvesting process on Mini+, Z18, and Replicator+ through mitigation of raft breakage 

    MakerBot Print 4.3.1

    Release 9.4.2019

    • Unknown material management bug fix
    • Fixed extruder changed detection with 5th generation MakerBot printers (Replicator, Replicator +, Z18, Mini+)
    • Fixed Experimental Extruder detection with 5th generation MakerBot printers (Replicator, Replicator+, Z18, Mini+)

    MakerBot Print 4.3

    Release 8.26.2019

    METHOD Platform Updates

    • METHOD X support with new extruders and ABS/SR-30 material. 
    • Offline METHOD X archetype configuration lock to ensure there is no mismatch for extruders and materials
    • Solid print mode for ABS material
    • Backwards compataibility with METHOD extruders (Extruder 1A and 2A)
    • Taper-In support in beta mode - our internal testing has shown print savings of up to 50% on certain geometries

    Printer Agnostic Updates

    • New updated CAD file formats supported
    • Scale to max fix - When users rotates a part and selects scale to max, the part may go out of the printer’s boundaries.
    • End of life printers and hardware:
      • Replicator 2, Replicator 2X, and Mini (not Mini+) will no longer be supported on future versions of MakerBot Print.
      • SmartExtruders will no longer be supported on future versions of MakerBot Print. 
      • A final version of MakerBot Print with support for the above printers and hardware can be found here.

    MakerBot Print 4.2

    Release 6.12.2019

    Method Related Updates

    • Support for PETG on Method is now available, order your PETG material here
    • Solid print mode added for Tough material on Method
    • Unknown material management flow
    • Be sure to download the latest firmware for Method (FW 1.2) for the newest features to work properly.

    Printer Agnostic Updates

    • Improved algorithm for calculating print time estimates
    • Reset for arrange, orient, and scale
    • “Skip this update” option
    • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

    For more detailed descriptions and explanations of features, visit the blog posted on MakerBot Stories.


    MakerBot Print 4.1.2

    Release 5.7.2019

    • Toolpath bug fix for incorrect Z height printing direction when "Support Under Bridges" is turned on

    MakerBot Print 4.1.1

    Release 5.1.2019

    • Fixed UI in custom settings for print modes

    MakerBot Print 4.1

    Release 4.30.2019

    New Features

    • New tapered PVA support structures for Method printers which will:
      • Shortened PVA print time and dissolution time.
      • Increased stability for tall and thin support structures.
      • Reduced PVA-related print defects.
    • Users now have the ability to switch off the purge tower for Method
    • Ability to export a .makerbot file when connected to a printer. The feature can be found next to the “Print” button.
    • Reset Settings to Default buttons are added to the printer panel and custom settings
    • MacOS can use the Delete key to remove selected models from the build plate
    • Windows Backspace key to remove selected models from the build plate

    Bug Fixes

    • Bug fix for models shifting on the build plate after slicing
    • General UI/UX fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 4.0

    Release 3.21.2019

    • Support for Method:
      • "Balanced" Print Mode for Method - We recommend most users use the Balanced setting which has been tuned for the best of print quality and print speed.
      • "High Strength" Print Mode for Method - We recommend this mode for users who would like to have higher part strength. This mode will take longer to print.
      • Movable Purge Tower - drag and drop purge tower can be moved around the build plate.
      • Automatic Material Detection - Method owners using MakerBot material will not need to select their materials manually.
      • New material estimate user interface supporting dual material.
      • Method archetype is now included in the unconnected printer set up menu.
      • Support Generation Outset - This setting can be increased to help give small, challenging print features a wider support cushion to rest on.
      • Support to model distance setting - Controls the distance between the model and support on the XY plane. Decreasing this setting can help with the surface quality of your Method prints on the horizontal plane.
    • Improved material estimates for all printers.
    • Updated Hoops Converter for newly supported CAD files
      • MakerBot (.makerbot) - All Versions
      • STL (.stl) - All Versions
      • Solidworks (.sldprt, .sldasm) - 97 to 2019
      • CATIA (.CATDrawing, .CATPart, .CATProduct, .CATShape, CGR) - Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28)
      • IGES (.iges, .igs) - 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
      • Inventor (.ipt, .iam) - Up to 2019
      • JT (.jt) - Up to v10.2
      • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b) - Up to v30.1
      • ProE/Creo (.prt, .prt., .asm, .asm) - Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 5.0
      • Solid Edge (.par, .asm) - V19-20, ST - ST10, 2019
      • STEP AP203/214 (.step, .stp, .stpz) - AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214, AP 242
      • Unigraphics/NX (.prt) - V11.0 to NX 12.0
      • Wavefront Object (.obj) - All Versions
    • White screen bug on certain Apple computers is fixed.
    • Fixed USB connectivity issues found on older printers from MakerBot Print 3.5

    MakerBot Print 3.5

    Release 2.28.2019

    • STLs will automatically open via MB Print for Windows and Mac

    • MakerBot printer icons added to unconnected printers for easier identification

    • Improved material estimates based on new estimation algorithm

    • A link to release notes can now be found in Help --> About

    • Replicator 2X now has a "left extruder" material selection dropdown

    • Fixed Replicator 2X support printing bug 

    • Fixed load/unload filament bug for all printers, including Mini/Mini+

    MakerBot Print 3.4

    Release 1.14.2019

    • Optimized base layer options - The most optimized base layer options are provided in a new dropdown available in custom settings.

    • Userconfig migration - The userconfig file will no longer interfere with the installation process which will allow for a smoother update/installation experience.

    • STLs will now be associated with MB Print (Mac OS only)

    • Custom settings visibility - Any changes to default settings will become visible on the Print Settings panel allowing for easier access.

    • Bug fix to improve raft removal.

    • Bug fix for double filling roofs on MinFill mode.

    MakerBot Print 3.3.1

    Release 11.16.2018

    • Fixed slicer bugs for improved slice quality

    MakerBot Print 3.3

    Release 11.8.2018

    • Updated supported file type, files now include:
      • Mac: MakerBot (.makerbot), STL (.stl), Wavefront (.obj)
      • Windows:
        • MakerBot (.makerbot) - All Versions
        • STL (.stl) - All Versions
        • Solidworks (.sldprt, .sldasm) - 97 to 2018
        • CATIA (.CATPart, .CATProduct) - Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28)
        • IGES (.iges, .igs) - 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 
        • Inventor (.ipt, .iam) - Up to 2019
        • JT (.jt) - Up to v10.0 
        • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b) - Up to v30.1
        • ProE/Creo (.prt, .prt., .asm, .asm) - Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 5.0 
        • Solid Edge (.par, .asm) - V19 - 20, ST - ST10
        • STEP AP203/214 (.step, .stp) - AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214, AP 242 
        • Unigraphics/NX (.prt) - V11.0 to NX 12.0 
        • Wavefront Object (.obj) - All Versions
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 3.2

    Release 8.16.2018

    • Scale to Max! You can now maximize the size of your model with a single click
    • Updated to feature MakerBot Tough Filament.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 3.1

    Release 6.27.2018

    • Brims have been added as an alternate form of build plate adhesion.
    • “Out of bounds” detection will now consider Rafts, notifying users when the combination of their model and Rafts extend off the build plate.
    • MakerBot Print has been updated to reflect changes in our Privacy Policy.
    • .print files will now open regardless of versioning, but may ignore legacy settings.
    • Additional improvements have been made to the app’s installer and update utilities.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 3.0

    Released 5.8.2018

    • Before installing MakerBot Print 3.0, please uninstall previous versions (1.1-2.8) of the Print Software on Windows 7/10 machines.
    • Installers for Windows 7/10 now install the application to the Program Files directory
    • Installers compatible with with group deployment tools are now available. System Administrators, please click here to learn more.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 2.8

    Released 1.15.2018

    • Increased the maximum layer height for printers with an Experimental Extruder
    • Added the ability to toggle on/off filament jam detection and printer sounds
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed bug that led to some Project files failing to open
      • Fixed security vulnerabilities
      • Other bug fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 2.7

    Released 10.17.17

    • Custom Print Modes:
      • Create your own Custom Print Modes, giving you quick access to your favorite combinations of print settings.
      • Import and Export: Share custom print modes with peers by exporting the print mode (.printmode) and sharing the file. Use someone else's Custom Print Mode by using the Import feature.
    • Experimental Extruder Support:
      • Gain access to advanced print settings when connected to a printer with an Experimental Extruder attached.
    • Print settings can now be individually displayed in the Print Settings sidebar menu. This option can be enabled in the Custom Settings menu.
    • Current extruder temperature is now visible in the main screen of the Printer Panel
    • OBJ files are now supported for Mac

    MakerBot Print 2.6

    Released 7.12.17

    • Addition of helpful links to the MakerBot Support site throughout the application
    • Ability to send sliced .makerbot files directly to the printer
    • Ability to copy system logs from a connected printer
    • Example prints added to application
    • Bug Fixes
      • Resolved an issue where scaling and orientation actions were not added to undo/redo stack.
      • Printers that do not utilize z-calibration have been blocked from running that procedure. Reset to factory has an added “Clear Calibration Settings” option if a Replicator Mini or Replicator 5th Generation has been set with unnecessary calibration values.
      • Resolved an issue where .print project files would not work if build plate temperature or chamber temperature was set.

    MakerBot Print 2.5

    Released 6.28.17

    • Ability to set a static IP address for printers connected over Ethernet and Wi-Fi
    • Ability to use network proxy settings for Print at login
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where the Orient tool was not working correctly. Note: To completely resolve the issue, you must reset all custom print settings by right-clicking an added custom setting and selecting “Reset All to Default Value”.

    MakerBot Print 2.4

    Released 6.2.17

    • Custom settings are now saved within Project (.print) files. Opening a project will prompt you to choose between the current settings and the Project settings, if they differ
    • MinFill Print Mode is now available for Replicator 2
    • New custom setting:
      • When enabled, “Do Support Under Bridges” will always create supports under bridged sections of the model if support is enabled
    • New Infill Pattern: Donut-fill (Happy National Donut Day)!
    • Custom Settings UI Improvements:
      • Custom settings that are added (but not changed) may change if certain other associated settings are changed (e.g. when changing Print Modes from Draft to Balanced, the Shell Print Speed setting will change as well. This is intentionally done to improve print quality but will not happen if you explicitly select a Shell Print Speed after adding this custom setting)
    • Bug fixes:
      • The slice progress bar for Replicator 2 and Replicator 2X should no longer fluctuate during the slice process

    MakerBot Print 2.3

    Released 5.9.17

    Features and improvements:

    • USB connectivity improvements
    • UI responsiveness improvements 
    • Replicator Z18 chamber temperature control added 
    • Replicator 2X build plate temperature control added  
    • Bug Fix
      • Slice settings not taking effect if model is deleted and new model added
    • Other fixes and improvements 

    MakerBot Print 2.2

    Released 4.18.17

    Features and improvements:

    • In-app link to the MakerBot Store has been added to the sidebar
    • Other fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 2.1

    Released 4.5.17

    Features and improvements:

    • Reset All/ Removed All Customs Settings added to the right click menu
    • Bug fixes
      • Material Estimates were off by a factor of 4
      • Custom settings were reloading from saved user config every time compose succeeded event happened. It should have only done this at the initial load time. 
    • Other fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 2.0

    Released 3.20.17

    Features and improvements:

    • MinFill: A new Print Mode that reduces print time and saves filament by only printing the minimum amount of infill needed to support your print.
    • Added USB support for MakerBot Replicator and MakerBot Replicator Mini printers
    • Support for SolidWorks 2017 files
    • Bug fixes
      • Fix for dialog popping up on app close to save project (including when no changes have been made)
      • Fixed the +/- signs for z-axis offset to be consistent with MakerBot Mobile
      • Roof thickness when set to 0 will slice accordingly
    • Other fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 1.9

    Released 2.23.17

    Features and improvements:

    • Ability to customize advanced print settings
    • Persistent customized settings after application restarts
    • Print time and material estimates
    • 2x export improvements
    • Bug fixes
      • Improved handling of certain printer errors
      • Triggering of Print Again feature
    • Other fixes and improvements

    MakerBot Print 1.8

    Released 2.1.17

    Features and improvements:                                                                                                             

    • Improved rafts for the Replicator Z18 and Replicator Mini+
    • Enhancements to the printer settings panel
    • Bug fixes and other improvements

    MakerBot Print 1.7

    Released 1.20.17

    Features and improvements:

    • Ability to see material volumes in cubic centimeters. Go to File > System Preferences > Units Controls > Display Units and change to any metric unit.
    • More intuitive default mouse controls for new users. (For more information Click Here)
    • A new and improved Scale tool that lets you modify a model's scale by directly changing its overall dimensions.
    • Ability to reset a printer to its factory settings in the printer utilities menu.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Firmware Update: File name display field refinements

    Known Issues:

    • If there are issues selecting models while using an external display, restarting the app will resolve this problem.
    • If you are not seeing your USB connected printer, restart MakerBot Print.

    MakerBot Print 1.6

    Released 1.3.17

    Features and improvements:

    • Print modes, a new feature in Print Settings which allows you to use preset print settings best suited for your needs. Launching with:
      • Balanced, MakerBot's standard set of print settings which balances print quality and speed
      • Draft, which optimizes for speed
    • Ability to start prints directly from the printer's details menu
    • Improvements to canceling in progress slices and prints, including a new confirmation prompt when canceling a print
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    Known Issues: 

    • Settings panel not displaying changes properly if open while adding models to the build plate. If changes to settings are not being updated correctly, resolve by opening and closing the print settings panel.

    MakerBot Print 1.5

    Released 12.12.16

    Features and improvements:

    • Bug fixes and minor improvements

    MakerBot Print 1.4

    Released 11.16.16

    Features and improvements:

    • Rafts are easier to remove from models (for Replicator+ printers only)
    • Replicator 2 and 2X slice preview is now available
    • Name Print utility 
    • Bug fixes

    MakerBot Print 1.3

    Released 11.2.16

    Features and improvements:

    • Initiate Z-Calibration
    • Set Z-Offset
    • Improved USB connectivity
    • Wi-Fi configuration improvements
    • Rendering of utilities panel when printer loses connection to the computer 

    MakerBot Print 1.2

    Released 10.19.16

    Features and improvements:

    • Firmware update
    • Network preferences setup

    Known Issues:

    • Firmware update over USB may sometimes cause errors on your printer. If that happens, restart the printer and update your firmware over your network connection.

    MakerBot Print 1.1

    Released 10.5.2016

    Features and improvements:

    • Initiate attaching extruder process
    • Filament load/unload while print is paused
    • Bug Fixes


    MakerBot Print is our new desktop application that allows you to prepare, manage, and monitor 3D prints.

    • Prepare: Import design files in native CAD and fine-tune their settings for optimal results when printing.

    • Manage: Keep your projects organized by automatically arranging models across one or several build plates.

    • Monitor: Kick-off prints, control your printer, and monitor print progress remotely.

    Note: Designed for the Plus Generation of Printer. Offers limited capabilities with 5th generation printers and offline export only with previous models.

    MakerBot Print Feature List

    1. Native CAD Support

      • Windows: Import popular native CAD file types, including parts and assemblies

        1. MakerBot (.makerbot), STL (.stl), SolidWorks (.sldprt, .sldasm), InventorOBJ (.ipt, .iam), IGES (.iges, .igs), STEP AP203/214 (.step, .stp), CATIA (.CATPart, .CATProduct), Wavefront Object(.obj), Unigraphics/NX (.prt), Solid Edge (.par, .asm), ProE/Creo (.prt, .prt., .asm, .asm.), VRML(.wrl), Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)

      • Mac: Import STL files as an assembly

    2. Projects: Create projects to save the designs, print settings, and build plate layout of designs as one file for easy print scheduling.

    3. Auto-Arrange: Makerbot Print will automatically arrange the files on your build plate or across your whole project

    4. Cloud-Enabled Management: Remotely control multiple printers from MakerBot Print. Start, control and monitor prints with the help of camera feeds and status updates.

    5. New Print Preview: Preview the path that the extruder will take to create a print. Review layers individually or watch simulated preview to:

      • Make adjustments before printing a model

      • View support material placement

      • Validate small features are printable

    6. Automatic Software Updates: When there is a new version of MakerBot print available, your app will download it in the background and let you know when it’s ready to be installed

    Note: If you have used MakerBot Desktop in the past, you MUST upgrade to version 3.10 in order for your printers to be recognized via USB in MakerBot Print.