Installing MakerBot Print

    Download MakerBot Print

    1. Open a browser session and go to

    2. Click the Download button. Select your operating system from the dropdown menu on the download pack and click Download. Be sure to have the correct system requirements.

    Install MakerBot Print

    Double-click the MakerBot Print installer to run the installation wizard. Follow the installation instructions. **Note - Full administrator permissions are required to successfully complete the installation.

    Before installing MakerBot Print 3.0, please uninstall previous versions (1.1-2.8) of the Print Software on Windows 7/10 machines. 

    Do You Have Full Adminstrator Permissions?

    To install Print, a user must have administrator permissions. In MacOS, this information is available by accessing Apple > System Preferences > User & Groups. In Windows, you can see your access level through Start > Window Settings > Accounts.

    In an office or school, this means that the system administrator will likely need to perform the installation. Print does NOT allow the user to pick the install location and will install in the user directory of the account active at the time of the installation. **Note - If you are the administrator, do NOT right click on the installer and click Run as administrator, please wait for the installer to prompt you for the Administrator credentials.

    About the Software

    The MakerBot Print software is set up to be installed individually for each user and is not optimized for any installation management platforms. We are unfortunately unable to provide alternate installers to accommodate simultaneous multi-user installations. If key files are moved post-install, the Print software will still default to its intended paths upon its next update. These updates are mandatory, with cancelations only delaying the process by 12 hours. Downloads are indicated by a progress bar towards the top of the virtual build plate on the software. Once the download completes, restarting the application will automatically launch the installer, which will require an administrator to be completed.

    Having Trouble?

    Click here for additional troubleshooting.

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