Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is MakerBot?

    MakerBot is a company headquartered in Brooklyn that sells 3D Printers and related software and accessories.

    2. Where is a MakerBot account used?

    A MakerBot account is used to sign into,, the MakerBot Print software application, the MakerBot Desktop software application, the MakerBot mobile application,, and the Thingiverse mobile application.

    3. Why do I need a MakerBot account?

    A MakerBot account gives you access to certain features of MakerBot products that are not available to unregistered users. For example, a MakerBot account allows you to buy MakerBot products online, use MakerBot Print, and upload your designs to Thingiverse.

    4. How do I sign up for a MakerBot account?

    Go to or to create your MakerBot account. Children under the age of 13 are not able to create accounts without MakerBot’s receipt of verifiable parental consent from such child’s parent or guardian.

    5. What is Thingiverse and how does it relate to a MakerBot account?

    Thingiverse is an online community where users can download, upload and share 3D models. Thingiverse is operated by MakerBot so a MakerBot account can also be used for Thingiverse. A MakerBot account is required to upload 3D models to Thingiverse but is not required to download 3D models from Thingiverse.

    6. How do I delete my MakerBot account?

    You can delete your MakerBot account by logging into your account on, selecting your profile, clicking “Edit Profile”, and selecting “Delete User”. 

    Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (“COPPA”) SPECIFIC

    1. I am a teacher and I would like my students to create MakerBot accounts. Are you COPPA compliant?

    For students under 13, verifiable parental consent must be obtained by MakerBot before an account can be created. For more information on how MakerBot adheres to the COPPA guidelines, please visit our Children’s Privacy Policy. Also, please feel free to distribute this FAQ as a handout to your students' parents and/or guardians to help them create accounts for their children.

    2. I am under 13. How do I complete my MakerBot account registration?

    If you’re under 13, you will be prompted to enter your parent or guardian’s email during your attempt to create an account. Your parent or guardian will then receive an email from MakerBot describing how they can complete the account registration process for you.

    3. I am a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13. Why am I receiving an email from MakerBot?

    You are receiving an email from MakerBot because a child under the age of 13 attempted to create an account on or and listed you as their parent or guardian. The email describes how you can complete your child’s account registration.

    4. Why does my child need a MakerBot account?

    A MakerBot account is required to connect to and use a MakerBot 3D Printer through the MakerBot Print software application or If your child does not have a MakerBot 3D printer at home, they may be using one at school as part of the curriculum. A MakerBot account is also required for your child to upload 3D models to Thingiverse.

    5. Why is my permission needed for my child to create a MakerBot account?

    When an account is created on or, certain personal information from a user is collected as described in MakerBot’s Privacy Policy and below. COPPA requires online services providers to obtain verifiable parental consent for the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information of any child under the age of 13.

    6. What information will be collect about my child?

    In order to create a MakerBot account your child will need to directly provide their first name, last name, email, country and birthday. They will also need to create a username and password. Their chosen username was provided to you in the email you received from MakerBot describing how you can complete your child’s account registration. The username is the name in quotations between their first and last name.

    In addition to the information provided by your child for account creation, MakerBot automatically collects some information from all of our users. The information we collect may include:

    · One or more persistent identifiers and/or cookies that can be used to recognize a user over time and across different websites and online services; and/or

    · Information that identified a devices location (geological information).

    We also may combine non-personal data (such as usage) we collect with personal data about our users, including child users that we collect online.

    7. How will this information be used?

    We use the information provided by you to register your MakerBot account. We use and, in some cases, disclose the information to:

    · Comply with law or legal process, such as to comply with any court order of subpoena or to respond to any government or regulatory request;

    · Protect the rights, properly or safety of MakerBot, our customers or others, including to protect the safety of the user;

    · Protect the safety and security of our websites;

    · Enable us to take precautions against liability;

    · Communicate about activities or features of the websites that may be of interest;

    · Estimate our audience size and usage patterns;

    · Store information about user’s preferences, allowing us to customize the content according to individual interests;

    · Speed up searches on the websites; and/or

    · Share with third parties we use to support the internal operations of our websites and who are bound by contractual or other obligations to use the personal information only for such purpose and to keep the personal information confidential.

    8. Will the information about my child be shared?

    We do not share, sell, rent or transfer a user’s personal information other than to contracted third parties as described above.

    9. Can my child opt out of data collection?

    Some information is required for the creation of a MakerBot account but collection of certain information can be opted out of. Details can be found in Section 4 and Section 8 of MakerBot’s Privacy Policy.

    10. What if I don’t give permission?

    If the form provided in the email you received is not filled out and submitted within 48 hours of receipt, all information provided by your child for the creation of their account will automatically be deleted. If your child still wants to create an account they will need to resubmit their information and you will receive another email.

    11. What if I can’t see the document?

    If the document does not appear it has most likely been 48 hours since the request was sent to you. All information provided by your child has automatically been deleted. They will need to create an account again at or and you will receive a new email.

    12. I am a parent, and I signed the form for my child to have a MakerBot account. How does my child log in?

    Your child will use the credentials they created during account registration to log into their MakerBot account.

    13. What happens to the information that was associated with my account if it is deleted or if I do not finish the account registration process?

    It is deleted as well. If you do not complete the account registration process, there will be no indication in our system that you attempted to create an account with your email or username. If you deleted your account, all information associated with the account is deleted.

    14. How can I delete my child’s account?

    Please send an email to with the email that you used to provide parental consent for the account registration for your child.

    15. I don’t want to delete my child’s account, but I do want to see what information MakerBot has collected from my child’s account?

    Please send an email to with the email that you used to provide parental consent for the account registration for your child.

    16. I received the email request to provide consent to have an account created for my child but I do not want my child to have an account. Can you delete my child’s email from your database?

    If you do not respond to the email request to provide parental consent within 48 hours of your child attempting to register an account, the account and all information associated with the account will automatically be deleted. An alternative is for your child to attempt to log into or where they will be prompted with a screen that includes a button that states, "I do not wish to continue creating my account". The account and all information associated with the account will be deleted as soon as the button is selected.