I Received a Homing Error

Let's make sure the extruder's nozzle is able to reseat. 

  1. Wait for the Smart Extruder+/Smart Extruder to cool. Never touch the extruder while it is still heated. 
  2. Once the nozzle has completely cooled, remove the extruder from the extruder carriage and hold it with the nozzle pointing upward. 
  3. Press the nozzle down into the extruder. Move the nozzle gently back and forth and around in circles. Then release the nozzle. The base of the nozzle should pop into place and stick out from the extruder as shown below.  A Smart Extruder is shown, but the process is the same for a Smart Extruder+.

You can watch a video of this process below. The video features a Smart Extruder+, but the process is similar for a Smart Extruder.

Can you start a print without receiving a homing error now?