I Can't Load Filament

If you are having issues loading filament into the extruder, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Unload script to heat your extruder.
  2. Make sure that the filament has a clean edge and that there are no bends in it. When the extruder is fully heated, push down the extruder arm at the side of the extruder and hold it in place. If you have an extruder without an arm at the side, continue to the next step.
  3. Push the filament into the hole at the top of the extruder. Keep pushing the filament in until you start to see plastic come out of the nozzle. You may have to push the filament pretty hard.
  4. If plastic doesn't emerge from the nozzle, remove the filament and check for a bend at the end. That might mean the filament is slipping under the extruder bearing instead of entering the heater. Use the extruder disassembly instructions to remove the fan and heatsink so you can watch the filament make its way through the extruder. The User Manual also has information for dealing with this issue.
  5. Release the extruder arm once the filament is loaded.

Are you able to load filament now?