Why Won't Small Features Print Right? (Skeinforge/ ReplicatorG)

Current Step:

Some settings in Skeinforge and ReplicatorG work well for most prints but can cause problems with specialized prints. If you're having trouble with small, delicate sections on certain prints, you may need to go into Skeinforge to change your Restart Extra Distance setting.

You'll find this setting in the Dimension plugin. It's right at the bottom, under Retraction Distance, which retracts a little bit of filament when you stop extruding so that you won't end up with extra little drips of plastic all over the place. Restart Extra Distance lets you change when it starts extruding again. A positive value will make it start a little bit early, but we've got it set to a slightly negative value, so it starts a tiny bit late. Most of the time this is good -- you're much less likely to get little blobs at the edge of your prints. But if a section of your print has a really tiny horizontal diameter, that tiny length you're subtracting could become a problem. If the value there is -0.2, change it to 0 and see what happens.

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