My Printer Seems Unusually Shaky

Make sure that you have the latest firmware. MakerBot Replicator Firmwares 5.5 and later have an acceleration option.

Check to make sure you have acceleration turned on. You can turn acceleration off and on in General Settings in the onboard menus for your MakerBot Replicator. MakerBot Replicators shipped with Firmware 5.5 and earlier have acceleration turned off by default. MakerBot Replicators shipped with Firmwares 6.2 and later ship with acceleration turned on.

If you have acceleration turned off, you should not print at speeds above 40 mm/s. Because attempting to print at high speeds with acceleration turned off can harm your MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot recommends always printing with acceleration turned on.

Firmwares from Replicator Firmware 7.0 and later use a new type of acceleration command, and should only build from .x3g files. Running an .s3g file on a bot running Firmware 7.0 or later is equivalent to temporarily turning off acceleration, and will result in a loud, jerky motion.

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