My MK8 Stepstruder Is Stuck/Making a Weird Grinding Noise

Current Step:
  1. Misaligned gantry

Misaligned Gantry

If your gantry isn't aligned correctly, the Y-axis motor can stop the extruder from hitting the X-axis endstop. The extruder will keep trying to move right and hit the endstop, but it won't be able to. This can sound scary, but it's not hard to fix. To learn how to realign your gantry, see the instructions below.

MakerBot Replicator Gantry Re-Alignment

It's possible for the gantry -- the system of rods and belts that supports and moves your extruder -- to become misaligned. If one side is too far out of alignment with the other, the Y-axis motor could stop the extruder from hitting the X-axis endstop, which will stop your MakerBot Replicator from working normally.

If your gantry isn't aligned correctly, the extruder will stop in this position:

Don't worry -- it's not difficult to realign. First, immobilize the left side of the gantry. Don't push it all the way to the back of the bot -- leave some space to grip the right side of the gantry.

Once you have a firm grip on both sides, pull the right side of the gantry towards the front of your MakerBot Replicator. You might hear a noise as the belt skips a few times. It sounds unpleasant, but it shouldn't cause any damage. Just a few clicks should be enough.

After you move the right-hand side of the gantry forward, push the extruder all the way to the right side, and then to the back. Slide it back and forth to make sure that it doesn't hit the Y-motor.

Now we're going to make sure that we didn't pull the gantry's right-hand side too far forward.

With the extruder assembly in the back-right corner, grab the right-hand side of the gantry again. Push it towards the back of the machine. If you've pulled the gantry too far forward earlier, you'll hear the belts pop back a click or two. The extruder will run up against the Y-motor, so you won't be able to push it too far.

Before we finish, let's double check the alignment by pushing the gantry all the way to the front of the machine. The gantry should contact both pulleys at the same time.

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