My Dual MK8 Stepstruder's Nozzles Aren't Aligned Correctly

The MakerBot Replicator has a script that makes it really easy to realign the nozzles. This script will print some test extrusions and allow you to give your MakerBot Replicator some feedback so that it knows exactly where the two nozzles are in relation to each other. All new Replicators run through this nozzle alignment script before leaving the factory, but if you notice that the nozzle alignment on your MakerBot Replicator is off, you can always run it again at home.

To start the nozzle calibration script, go to your MakerBot Replicator’s Utilities menu and select Calibrate Nozzles. You will see the screen shown here:

Your MakerBot Replicator won’t start printing those lines until it’s warmed up, which might take a while.

When it does start, you’ll see it print a series of straight lines parallel to the front of the build platform, starting at the front left corner of the platform and extending back. The second series of lines will be perpendicular to these, and will start at the center of the platform and extend left.

Then the second nozzle will print a set of lines alongside each of the first two sets. All four sets will have 13 lines, with the first line being longer than the others.

When it's done it should look something like this:

Now the LCD Interface will give you some new instructions:

If you look closely at the paired sets of lines, you’ll see that the first lines in the second set are a tiny bit in front of those in the first set, while the last lines are a tiny bit behind. Somewhere you’ll find a line from the first set and a line from the second set that match up almost perfectly; that’s what you’re looking for.

Here you’ll tell your MakerBot Replicator which lines matched up best:

The longer first line is line 1. The middle one is line 7, which is the default. So if, say, you’re looking at the set of lines on the left side of the platform and you decide that the line just before the middle one is the best, press the center button and then use your MakreBot Replicator’s arrow buttons to tell it that the best Y-axis line is 6. When you’ve selected a number for each axis, press the center button to finish.

Your MakerBot Replicator will remember these settings and carry them forward to make sure that the nozzles are aligned correctly for future dual extrusion prints.

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