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  1. Error messages

If your MakerBot Replicator encounters problems during operation, the LCD menu will display an error message. The following table describes each possible error message.

This is just an informational message. If you're loading or unloading filament, the process will time out after five minutes.

Your MakerBot Replicator has automatically disabled its heaters after a period of inactivity as a safety precaution. Restart your print or the preheat routine to reset your heaters.

This message appears if you try to print a file meant for another kind of MakerBot on a Makerbot Replicator.

The onboard preheat sequence was interrupted by instructions sent by the software telling the MakerBot Replicator to change the MK8 Stepstruder temperature.
These are the messages you could receive if your SD card is not formatted correctly or if there is something wrong with the card. Your MakerBot Replicator can only read SD cards
  • formatted for FAT16 SDSC card
  • no larger than 2GB
Your MakerBot Replicator ran into a one-time problem while reading the SD card. The problem should not reoccur.
Your MakerBot Replicator cannot read SD cards larger than 2GB. Try a smaller card.
Make sure your SD card hasn't been removed from the MakerBot Replicator during printing. If the card is still in its port on the MakerBot Replicator, there might be a problem with the card itself. Make sure the card is formatted correctly.
Use the LCD menu to check your target extruder temperatures. Navigate to Info and Settings > Preheat Settings to make sure the extruder temperatures are not set higher than 300C. To clear this message, you will have to restart your MakerBot Replicator.
These messages indicate that your MakerBot Replicator cannot read the temperature for one of the extruders. Ensure that the wires going into your extruders are securely plugged in. To clear the second and third messages, you will have to restart your MakerBot Replicator.
Something may be wrong with your extruder.
This might mean there's a problem with one of your thermocouples. Check the connections.

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