I Can't Load Filament

Chances are, you just need to use a bit more force while you're pushing the filament in. It can take a surprising amount of force to get it loaded, especially when your printer is new.

If you're having trouble, use some scissors to make a fresh cut at the end of the filament. Cut the filament at an angle -- a narrow tip will help with loading.

Then, grasp the filament firmly and push it right down into the middle of the hole on top of the extruder. You might want to hold the filament with a pair of pliers, or something else that's grippier than your fingers. Make sure it's going straight down, not diagonally. You can't hurt your MakerBot Replicator by pushing on the filament, so use as much force as necessary. Once you feel the filament start to go in, maintain pressure for another ten seconds or so.

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