The Guided Setup through MakerBot Print

    What is the Guided Setup?

    This offline setup will walk you through connecting your printer to your computer, updating firmware, loading filament and getting your first print started.

    Guided Setup Steps

    1. Locate the USB cable that came with your MakerBot Replicator Mini+.

    2. Insert the USB-B end of the cable into the port on the side of your Mini+ and insert the USB-A end of the cable into one of the USB ports on your computer. We do not recommend connecting with USB hubs or extension cords.

    3. Power on your printer and open MakerBot Print on your computer.

    4. The Mini+ will take a few minutes to boot up. Once the light on the printer’s action button has stopped blinking, you should see the Mini+ appear on MakerBot Print. Expand the Printers menu and select the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ to access the printer’s menu.


    5. You will be prompted to attach the Smart Extruder+. Attach the extruder to the printer’s extruder carriage. Magnets will secure the extruder in place. (you can reference the image below) Click the Attach button to successfully attach the extruder. **If the Attach button is not working, click Cancel first and then click Attach. 

    6. Load your spool of filament into the filament spool pocket in the back of your Mini+, so that the spool unwinds in a counterclockwise direction. Be careful to keep the spool tightly wound at all times.

    7. Locate the end of the spooled filament and pull it free from the spool. Insert the end of the filament into the filament guide tube. Push filament through the tube until the free end emerges from the end of the guide tube.

    8. On MakerBot Print, select the Filament icon and select Load Filament.

    9. The Smart Extruder+ will begin heating up to 215 C. When the Smart Extruder+ is fully heated the Print panel will say Loading Filament when it is ready to take filament.

    Loading FIlament - Mini+.png

    10. Cut the free end of your filament to create a clean, flat edge.

    11. Grasp the top of the extruder assembly and push the filament into the Smart Extruder’s loading tube until you can feel the motor pulling the filament in. If you’re running into a problem during this process, unload the filament and repeat this step. It may help to squeeze the lever on the side of the extruder and gently feed filament towards the hot end until you see the filament being pulled in by itself. This procedure is shown below. NOTE - If you’re having trouble loading filament, do not apply extra force during the loading process. 

    12. Once you see filament extruding from the bottom of the extruder, select OK to stop the process. You are now ready to print! Please click here to download your first print file.

    13. On MakerBot Print, go to File > Insert Example Prints > Chain Link.

    14. Select Print. If you are prompted to calibrate your extruder, select Run Calibration. You will be asked to Unload Filament and then run the Calibration script. Once that is complete, cut a new end on your filament and start the Load Filament process again. Select Print again to start your print.

    16. When the print is completed, select Done.

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