Smart Extruder+ Tips

    These are some tips for avoiding clogs and extending the life of your Smart Extruder+.

    • Your MakerBot 3D printer's cooling process is designed to prevent filament clogs. Always wait for the extruder to cool to 50°C before detaching it or turning off your MakerBot Replicator.
    • Wait until the extruder finishes unloading your filament before pulling it free. Always allow the Smart Extruder+ to do most of the work when unloading filament.
    • Prevent tangles in the filament by keeping filament tightly wound when switching spools.
    • When changing filament, allow plastic to extrude for several seconds to ensure all residue and partial blockages are cleared from the thermal barrier tube.
    • If no filament is coming out of the nozzle, or if you’re hearing a clicking noise when your MakerBot Replicator+ starts a print, your extruder may be a little too close to the build plate. This can cause plastic to back up into the extruder and cause clogs. To learn how to adjust the starting build plate height, click here.
    • Printing in a warm or humid environment can contribute to frequent nozzle clogs. Try to print in a cool, dry environment.
    • Use only MakerBot filament to help prevent clogs. MakerBot 3D Printers are designed for use with MakerBot filament. We cannot vouch for non-MakerBot filament, and using non-MakerBot filament may void your warranty.
    • Keeping your software and firmware up to date will help ensure that your MakerBot 3D printer and MakerBot Print run as smoothly as possible.