The Offline Guided Setup

    What is the Guided Setup?

    The offline setup will walk you through connecting your printer to your computer, updating firmware, loading filament and getting your first print started.

    We recommend going through this setup if you're having issues following the setup through MakerBot Mobile or if you do not have access to the internet.

    Guided Setup Steps

    1. The printer’s control panel will display a welcome screen introducing you to the Guided Setup. Press the dial to select Press Dial to Continue.

    2. You will then want to select Get Started and then Begin Setup.

    3. From here, you will deviate from the normal guided setup. Press the bottom button on the side of the screen that corresponds with the three horizontal lines and select Skip this Step. 4. Press the bottom button again, select Skip this Step, and then select Skip Anyway.

    5. You will then be directed to attach your Smart Extruder+. Attach the Smart Extruder+ that arrived with your printer as seen in the image below.

    While this is shown on a Replicator Mini+, the process will be identical.

    6. After selecting Continue, select Start Calibration. This process will take 3-5 minutes.

    7. Now select Start Filament Loading, and load the printer’s spool of filament into the back drawer as illustrated on the printer’s screen.

    8. Select Filament is Loaded.

    9. The Smart Extruder+ will begin heating up to 215 degrees C. Once it reaches its target temperature, the printer will ask you to load filament. Do not load filament until the printer prompts you to do so.

    10. Once filament is extruding from the bottom of the Smart Extruder+, select Filament is Extruding.

    11. Select Begin Test Print and then Print.

    12. After your print completes, you will be prompted to update your printer’s firmware. Select Update Firmware. Once the update completes, you are ready to continue printing!

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