Connecting to your MakerBot Replicator+ via Ethernet

    How to Connect via Ethernet

    1. Locate an Ethernet cable.

    2. Connect one end of the cable to the Ethernet port at the back of your MakerBot Replicator+. Connect the other end to a wall jack or router used by your local area network.

    3. Make sure your computer is connected to the same local area network. MakerBot Print will automatically detect your MakerBot Replicator+. When your MakerBot Replicator+ is connected to MakerBot Print, the name of your MakerBot Replicator+ will appear with a dot next to it in the Devices menu. You will also see a LAN icon in the bottom left corner of the MakerBot Print window.

    Once your MakerBot 3D printer is connected, you can use remote monitoring to access your 3D printer over any network. For more information, click here.

    Having trouble?

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