Changing Filament

    How to Change Filament

    The easiest way to change the filament for your MakerBot Replicator+ is to use the control panel.

    1. Select Filament > Unload Filament.
    2. The Smart Extruder+ will start to heat up. When the extruder is fully heated, it will go through a two-part unloading process. Remove the filament from the extruder only when prompted by the control panel.
    3. Open the filament drawer and remove the old spool. Be careful to keep the spool tightly wound as you pull the filament free of the guide tube. Place the new spool in the filament drawer.
    4. Select Filament > Load Filament.
    5. Wait for the Smart Extruder+ to heat.
    6. Cut the end of your new filament to create a clean edge.
    7. Grasp the top of the extruder assembly and push the filament into the loading tube in the extruder until you can feel the motor pulling the filament in. 
    8. Wait until you see plastic emerging from the extruder nozzle before pressing the control panel dial to finish the filament load process.

    Note: If you're changing colors, you'll need to run the extruder for a few moments to clear out the old color before finishing the filament load process.

    Changing Filament During a Print

    To replace a spool that's running low, or to create a print with layered colors, you can change filament during a print. Go to Menu > Print and select Change Filament. This will pause your print and take you directly to the Filament menu. Then follow the steps above before resuming your print.If you’re up to date with the latest firmware and software, you can also allow your Smart Extruder+ to run out of filament. This will cause your MakerBot Replicator+ to run the Unload Filament script. When the extruder has finished unloading, wait for it to cool to at least 50°C. Remove the last piece of filament from the extruder, then select Load Filament. When you have finished the load sequence, go to Back to Menu > Resume.