Select the Print icon to initiate a print stored on a USB flash drive or on your MakerBot 3D printer's internal storage.

    Select a File

    Turn the control panel dial to scroll through the list of available locations. Push the control panel dial to select the location of the file you want to print.

    Select USB Storage to print a file stored on a USB drive inserted into the USB port.

    Select Internal Storage to print a file stored on the MakerBot Replicator. The internal storage has a capacity of about 2 GB.

    Start Print

    • If you select a file from the USB drive or internal storage, the control panel will display the file screen.

    From the file screen, choose what to do with the part or layout:

    • Select Print to start printing the file.
    • Select Info for more information on the part or layout. Turn the control panel dial to toggle between three information screens.
    • Select Copy to copy a file to internal storage or to an attached USB drive.
    • Select Delete to remove a file from internal storage.


    During a print, you will be able to view print progress information as well as other details about your print.

    • Percentage of the print completed.
    • Time elapsed and estimated time remaining in the print. While the Smart Extruder is heating, this area will display the current and target temperatures.
    • Location in active print screens. Turn the control panel dial to scroll between the following screens:
      • Print progress
      • Rendering of your model or layout
      • File information
      • Print options information
    • Print / Options Menu. Press the control panel's Menu button to open the Print / Options menu, which contains the following options:
      • Pause. Select this option to temporarily pause your print. You can also pause by pressing the control panel dial.
      • Change Filament. Select this option to pause your print and go directly to the Filament menu.
      • Attach Smart Extruder. This option will be available if your Smart Extruder+/Smart Extruder is not securely attached to the extruder carriage.
      • Take a Picture. Select this option to take a picture of the build area with the onboard camera. The picture will be saved to internal storage.
      • Cancel. Select this option to cancel your print. You can also cancel a print by pressing the back button.

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