Upgrading to a Smart Extruder+

    A MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder+ is just as easy to use as a standard Smart Extruder. You can load, unload, detach and attach it in exactly the same way. However, there are a couple of things you need to do when upgrading to the Smart Extruder+.

    Update Firmware and MakerBot Print

    Make sure your firmware is up to date before installing the Smart Extruder+--earlier firmware versions haven’t been optimized for use with the newest extruders. You also want to make sure your MakerBot Print is on the latest version.

    If the Firmware on your Replicator Z18 printer is earlier than any 2.0+ version, you may need to update this before you are able to use MakerBot Print.

    Check Your Nozzle

    Double check the nozzle of your Smart Extruder+. The nozzle should be surrounded by an orange tape called Kapton and a white fluffy substance called Ceramic tape. If you notice there is no tape or it appears damaged, contact support before using.

    Reslice Print Files

    If you use a print file sliced for use with a standard Smart Extruder, your printer or MakerBot Print will throw an error. You can bypass this error and print the file anyway, but you may see a reduction in print quality. For best results, reslice the file, making sure that Extruder Type in the Settings dialog is set to “Smart Extruder+.”

    Run Z-Axis Offset

    When replacing an extruder, be sure to reset the Z-Axis Offset value to 0 in the Utilities Menu in MakerBot Print. Select Utilities then Calibration and then select Z axis Offset for your Replicator 5th Gen or Replicator Mini. For the Z18, Replicator+ and Mini+ select Z Calibration instead. This setting is specific to your printer, not the extruder so keep a close eye on your first print after swapping extruders.

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