How to Install the Filament Swivel Guide

    Smart Extruder Configurations

    If you are using a Smart Extruder on your MakerBot Replicator Z18 (rather than a Smart Extruder+) it may be configured in one of two ways. Depending on which configuration you have, you will either clip the filament guide tube into a filament swivel guide or route it under an extruder guard during the loading process.

    If you have an extruder guard and see wear on the guide tube where it enters the loading tube, please submit a case to MakerBot Support to request a new filament guide tube and ask whether a filament swivel guide would work better for you.

    Removing the Extruder Guard

    First you will need to remove the extruder guard. Push up on the plastic latch at the left side of the Smart Extruder to release the guard. Then push the guard gently to the right to slide it free.

    Removing the extruder guard

    Installing the Filament Swivel Guide

    To attach the filament swivel guide, position the filament swivel guide above the Smart Extruder with the latch facing to the left. Fit the projection at the right over the Smart Extruder's loading tube and press down. The filament swivel guide will snap into place.

    Installing the swivel guide

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