Using the Heated Chamber

    When to Use the Heated Chamber

    The MakerBot Replicator Z18 gives you the option to heat the build chamber. The heated build chamber allows extruded PLA to cool more slowly during printing, which can help prevent cracking between printed layers of plastic. Heating the build chamber is more likely to be helpful for long prints than shorter ones. For shorter prints, having the chamber off will save energy and make removing prints easier.

    How to Use the Heated Chamber

    1. In MakerBot Print, click Print Settings and select Add a Custom Setting.

    2. Select Printer and then check the box next to Chamber Heater Temperature.

    3. This will add this setting to the main Print Settings section.

    4. Change the value for this setting to 35° C. This is the recommended temperature for the chamber.

    5. Close the Settings dialog and slice your object. Objects you slice using this setting will print with the build chamber heated to 35° C.