Changing Filament

    How to Change Filament

    Via MakerBot Print:

    1. Open MakerBot Print and connect your Replicator Mini+ either through the USB cable or your Wifi Network.

    2. Select the Mini+ from the Printers menu.

    3. Select Pause.

    4. After the build plate lowers, select Filament.

    5. Select Unload Filament.

    6. The Smart Extruder+ will preheat to 215° C. When the Smart Extruder+ is fully heated, it will start to unload filament itself.

    7. When the Smart Extruder+ finishes unloading filament, MakerBot Print will go back to the main menu. It is now safe to remove your filament. If you are having trouble removing the filament, pinch the two tabs on the side of the extruder to help release the filament.

    8. Remove the old spool and place the new spool of filament in the spool pocket.

    9. Route the free end of your filament through the guide tube.

    10. On MakerBot Print, select Filament > Load Filament.

    11. Grasp the top of the extruder assembly and push the filament into the extruder’s loading tube until you can feel the motor pulling the filament in. If you’re running into a problem during this process, unload the filament and repeat this step. It may help to push the lever on the side of the extruder and gently feed filament towards the hot end until you see the filament being pulled in by itself. The location of the pinch tabs is shown below. NOTE - If you’re having trouble loading filament, do not apply extra force during the loading process

    12. Once you see filament extruding from the bottom of the extruder, select OK to stop the process.

    13. Select Resume to continue with your print.

    Via MakerBot Mobile:

    1. Open the MakerBot Mobile App and connect to the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ and tap Pause.

    2. Tap Filament.

    3. Tap Unload Filament and then Continue. The Smart Extruder+ will start to heat up. When the Smart Extruder+ is fully heated, the extruder motor will start feed filament in the appropriate direction.

    4. Remove the old spool and place the new spool of filament in the spool pocket.

    5. Once you've unloaded your filament, go ahead and tap Load Filament to load 

    6. Cut the end of your new filament to create a clean edge.

    7. Once you've unloaded your filament, go ahead and tap Load Filament to load  

    8. When you are done loading, tap Resume.

    Note: If you're changing colors, you'll need to run the Smart Extruder+ for a few moments to clear out the old color before clicking Done.

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