Leveling the Build Plate

    Leveling your build plate will help ensure that objects adhere well to the plate.

    How to Level the Build Plate

    On the LCD panel, select Utilities > Level Build Plate. The LCD screen will guide you through the assisted leveling routine. At each stage, you will be directed to turn one of the leveling knobs on the underside of the build platform.

    • Tightening the knobs (turning them to the right) moves the build plate away from the extruder nozzle.
    • Loosening the knobs (turning them to the left) moves the build plate closer to the extruder nozzle.
    The distance between the extruder nozzle and the build plate should be about the thickness of the MakerBot Support card included with your MakerBot Replicator 2X.
    See the following video if you need additional help:

    Manually Leveling the Build Plate

    If you want to level the plate without using the built-in script, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Utilities menu on the LCD screen and select Home Axes.
    2. Manually move the extruders to different points above the build plate. At each point, use a piece of paper, feeler gauge, or other measuring tool to gauge the distance between the build plate and extruder nozzles. The distance should be about 75% of your planned layer height.
    3. At each point, turn the leveling knobs beneath the build plate to the left to raise the build plate and to the right to lower it.

    NOTE: The MakerBot Support card contact information mentioned in the video above is no longer correct. For any issues, please call (347)334-6800, option 3.