LCD Screen Menus

    The LCD Interface

    When you first turn on The Replicator 2X, the startup script takes you through a few different processes — leveling your build plate, loading filament, and printing from an SD card. You can use the LCD interface to do all of those things again, as well as use it for a number of other processes and settings changes. 

    The following are descriptions of the MakerBot Replicator 2X onboard menus as of Replicator Firmware version 7.5.

    Build from SD  

    To print an .x3g file from an SD card, just select Build from SD using the M button and use the up and down arrows to choose from the list of files you have on your SD card. Press M to start the print. Select Exit Menu to return to the main screen.


    To preheat your Replicator 2X, select Preheat. Choose which things you want to preheat: for example, if you're printing with dual extrusion, you will want both extruders set to ON. To turn the platform or an extruder on or off for a preheat, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the item you want to change and press the M button to toggle the setting. To start the preheat, navigate to the top line of this screen and press the M. 

    If the default preheating temperature isn’t right for you, see Preheat Settings below for information on how to change it. And if you need to stop the preheating process, just go into the Preheat menu again and select "Cool!"


    The Utilities menu contains controls for your printer and scripts for processes like loading filament and leveling the build plate. 

    Monitor Mode

    Monitor Mode shows you the current temperature of your extruders and build plate. This is the same screen you’ll see while preheating. The progress indicator at the upper right of the LCD screen will toggle between percent completed and time elapsed. 

    Change Filament

    Change Filament has scripts that let you load and unload filament. If you’ve used these scripts before and you don’t want to sit through all the instructions every time you use them, see Help Text below to learn how to shorten them.

    Level Build Plate

    You can use Level Build Plate to walk you through the plate leveling process. This script moves the extruders to different points on the plate, allowing you to adjust the plate height at each point. You can always stop the script in the middle by pressing the left arrow and selecting “Yes” when your Replicator 2X asks you if you want to quit this process

    Home Axes

    Home Axes moves your build platform and extruders to their Home positions. If you want to move them anywhere else, you can use Jog Mode.

    Jog Mode

    In Jog Mode, use the left and right arrows to choose an axis and the up and down arrows to move your extruders or build platform along that axis. Jogging the Z axis will move your platform up and down, and jogging the X and Y axes will move your extruders right and left and backwards and forwards, respectively.

    Run Startup Script

    Run Startup Script will take you to the script that the Replicator 2X runs when you turn it on for the first time. It will walk you through leveling your build plate, loading filament into both extruders, and printing from the SD card. You can exit the startup script by hitting the left arrow, but not until the leveling sequence has begun.

    Disable/Enable Steppers

    Press the M button to disable the X, Y and Z-axis stepper motors. When the motors are disabled, an Enable Steppers option will appear instead. Press the M a second time to enable the motors.

    Blink LEDs

    Use the M to select Blink LEDs, and the LEDs in the Replicator 2X will start blinking. The menu item will change to Stop Blinking! and you can press the M again to turn the blinking off.

    Calibrate Nozzles

    Calibrate Nozzles is there to help you out when your nozzles aren't aligned correctly -- use it if the two parts of your dual extrusion prints don't appear to be lined up correctly on the plate. The script will print a series of lines with each nozzle and ask you to choose the ones that line up best. Your Replicator 2X will store that information and use it to make your dual extrusion prints align better in the future.

    Info and Settings

    Bot Statistics

    Bot Statistics records estimated build time -- both over the lifetime of your Replicator 2X and for your last completed build.

    General Settings

    There are a number of things you can edit in General Settings. To navigate the menu, use the up and down arrows to select the setting you want to change. Use the M button to select, the up and down buttons to cycle through the available options, and the M again to confirm your setting.


    Sound can be set to ON or OFF. Turning sound off stops the Replicator 2X from beeping when you turn it on, or when a print finishes, but it won’t completely stop your printer from making noises — the sounds you hear while printing come from the stepper motors, and can’t be turned off.

    LED Color

    LED Color controls the color of the LEDs that sit inside the frame of the Replicator 2X. It can be set to WHITE, RED, ORANGE, PINK, GREEN, BLUE, or PURPLE, or turned off altogether.


    Accelerate can be set to ON or OFF. Acceleration makes your printer operate more smoothly, and is turned on by default.

    Heat Hold

    Heat Hold tells your Replicator 2X to continue heating your extruder after a build finishes. Turn this feature on by setting a hold time -- anything between one and thirty minutes.

    Help Text

    Help Text can be set to ON or OFF. Turning it off will make the filament loading and unloading scripts go faster by cutting out most of the instructions.

    Heat LEDs

    Heat LEDs can be set to ON or OFF. When it’s on, the LED color will change from blue to red during the heating process and return to the default color when the heating process finishes.

    Tool Count

    Tool Count refers to how many extruders your MakerBot has, and it can be set to DUAL or SINGLE. Your Replicator 2X has dual extruders.

    Heated Plate

    Heated Plate tells your MakerBot whether or not it has a heated build plate. This can be set to Yes or No. Your Replicator 2X has a heated build plate.

    Preheat Settings

    Preheat Settings lets you change the temperature your extruders and platform are aiming for when you ask them to preheat. Scroll to the setting you want to change, press the M button to start editing it, and use the up and down arrows to raise or lower the temperature. Then confirm the temperature you’ve chosen by hitting the M button again. Keep in mind that the temperatures are in degrees Celsius.

    Version Number

    Version Number lets you check which version of Replicator firmware you’re running on your Replicator 2X.

    Restore Defaults

    Restore Defaults will restore the Replicator 2X to its factory settings. But don’t worry — you have to confirm that you want to restore the defaults, so it’s hard to do it by accident.

    The Active Build Menu

    There are also some settings you can change while printing. To access these, press the left arrow during a build.

    Pause lets you stop a print briefly. During Pause, your extruders and build platform will not move from their current locations. Use Pause to stop a print briefly -- for longer stops, allowing a heated nozzle to remain in contact with your print may cause problems.

    Cancel Build stops a print permanently. After you choose this option, you will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel the build.

    Change Filament allows you to move the extruders away from your print, switch filament, and resume the print. This can be useful for printing multi-colored objects or for switching to a new spool of filament when one runs out. When you initiate a Change Filament pause, you will be taken to the Change Filament submenu and the X, Y and Z stepper motors will lock to prevent the extruders and build plate from moving during the pause.

    Once you have changed the filament, hit the left arrow button to return to the Active Build menu and resume the print. If you wait more than 15 minutes to change filament, the pause to change filament will become a cold pause, as described below.

    Sleep (Cold Pause) allows you to pause for long periods of time. When you select this option, your Replicator 2X will complete any queued commands before moving the extruders away from your print, disengaging the gantry stepper motors and allowing the extruders and build plate to cool. Be careful not to move the extruders during a cold pause; the printer will not return the extruders to the correct position before resuming the print.

    During a cold pause, the menu option will change to "Resume Build." Press M to resume printing. 

    Z Pause Height allows you to pause your print at a set height. When you select this option, you will see two additional settings: Z Position and Pause Active. To set the pause height, scroll to Z Position, press the M button, and use the arrows to increase the pause height in millimeters. Press the M again to confirm the height. Scroll to Pause Active and use the M button to toggle the setting ON and OFF. When Pause Active is set to ON, a Z height pause will be triggered, even if the Z Position is set to 0.

    During a Z height pause, you will be taken to the Change Filament submenu. Press the left arrow to return to the active build menu and resume a print.

    The Filament Fan setting allows you to turn an active cooling fan on and off during a print. Your Replicator 2X does not come with an active cooling fan installed.

    The LED Color menu here is the same as the one you can access through General Settings.

    Build Statistics allows you to view the elapsed time on a current print, the percentage of the print that been completed so far, as well as the line number of the current command being executed by your Replicator 2X.

    Back to Monitor returns you to the Monitor screen.

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