Replacing the Kapton Insulation Tape

    Your MakerBot Replicator 2 comes with a ceramic insulation tape that surrounds the thermal core. This tape works to contain the heat and prevent it from spreading to components in the extruder assembly that need to stay cool.

    Over time your Replicator 2's kapton/ceramic insulation tape will wear down, this may lead to overheating issues. If your insulation tape is worn down or is missing, you'll want to have it replaced.

    How to Replace the Insulation Tape

    1. Use a pair of micro snips or small scissors, remove the ceramic and kapton tape from the thermal core.

    2. Discard the old insulation and clean any residue from the thermal core if needed.

    3. Locate the replacement insulation. The portion with the cut slit should fit around the barrier tube, facing upward.

    4. Loosely fit the insulation around the thermal core. Begin to wrap the core so that the two ends meet on the right side.

    5. Cut a small piece of kapton tape to seal the two loose ends of insulation around the thermal core. 

    6. Apply the small piece of tape on the insulation, next to the nozzle.

    7. Align the insulation on the thermal core. When tightly wrapping the core, mend the two insulation ends with the loose piece of tape.

    8. Ensure the insulation fits tightly around the thermal core.

    9. Trim and remove any extra tape. The completed hot end should look like this photo.

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