Adjusting the Delrin Plunger

    If you have a drive block that uses a Delrin plunger, you can use the Extruder Upgrade Complete Kit to replace it. You can also adjust the plunger, which pushes the MakerBot PLA Filament against the drive gear. If the plunger wears down and is no longer putting pressure on the MakerBot PLA Filament, the MakerBot Replicator 2 may stop extruding.

    How to Adjust the Plunger

    Follow these instructions to adjust the plunger:

    1. Locate the active cooling fan at the left side of the extruder. Use the 2.5mm hex wrench that came with your MakerBot Replicator 2 to remove the two bolts that attach the active cooling fan to the extruder.

    Note: Some printers may use Phillips head screws to attach the active cooling fan instead of a socket head bolt. You will need to remove these with a Phillips head screwdriver.

    1. After you’ve removed the bolts, move the active cooling fan to the side. Push the fan wires out of the way so you have a clear view of the black plastic drive block.
    2. Locate the small round hole in the drive block. Push the 2mm hex wrench you received with your MakerBot Replicator 2 into the hole until you feel it seat itself in the set screw inside. 

    1. Turn the hex wrench very slightly clockwise, no more than an eighth of a turn.
    2. Remove the hex wrench.
    3. Reseat the active cooling fan, being careful of the fan wires.

    1. Use your 2.5mm hex wrench to bolt the active cooling fan onto the extruder.

    It may help to watch a video of the process:

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