Updating MakerBot Print

    How to Update MakerBot Print

    If your computer is connected to the Internet, MakerBot Print should automatically download new software when an update becomes available. However, if you are experiencing issues with your prints, it is always a good idea to confirm that you have the latest version of MakerBot Print.

    **NOTE - if the MakerBot Print software was installed on an admin account who is not the primary user of the software, the software will not be able to update successfully. 

    How to Tell if You Have the Latest Version

    If you are not sure whether you have the latest version of MakerBot Print:

    1. Open MakerBot Print. Go to Help > About in Windows or Help > About on a Mac to determine which version of MakerBot Print you have currently.
    2. If you currently have versions 1.1 - 2.8, please uninstall before upgrading to 3.0 or higher versions.
    3. Go to makerbot.com/print. You will see the latest version number displayed.
    4. If you do not have the latest version, click Download. A page will open with release notes for the latest version of MakerBot Print.
    5. Select your operating system from the dropdown menu at the right side of the page and click Download. A system-specific installer will download to your computer.
    6. Double-click this file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

    Note: You should also ensure that you have the latest firmware, as the most recent software is optimized to run with the most recent firmware.

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