Helper Disks

    What are Helper Disks?

    Helper Disks are thin circular disks that you can add to your model in MakerBot Print to keep your print from warping if you are seeing curling prints. Warping occurs when different layers of your print cool unevenly. Plastic shrinks as it cools, so cooler layers of plastic can pull warmer layers out of shape, causing the edges of your print to curl up or the layers to separate. Helper Disks prevent warping by interrupting long runs of plastic with short, curved segments, which are least likely to warp. Helper Disks are typically placed at corners because corners are more prone to warping, but they can also be placed in the middle of a long edge of your print.

    How to Use Helper Disks

    1. Open a 3D model in MakerBot Print.
    2. Go to File and select Insert Example Prints.
    3. There are two different sized Helper Disks, large and small. Select the helper disk you want to add to the build plate. If you can’t find the disks in the example files, you may not be using the most recent version of MakerBot Print. Click here to download the latest version.
    4. The Helper Disk will appear to the side of your model. If you don’t see the Helper Disk, move your model to the side to reveal the disk. To do this, click on your model, and drag the model away from the center.
    5. When your model is back in place, drag the Helper Disk to the corner of your model, so the disk just slightly overlaps with the corner of the model.
    6. You need Helper Disks for each corner of your model. Select the Helper Disk to copy and paste more disks. You can copy and paste using the Edit menu or keyboard shortcuts.
    7. Slice and print your model by clicking the Print or Export button. The MakerBot Slicer will treat the disks as part of your model.
    8. Once the print is finished, the disks can be peeled or cut away easily.

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