Quick Print Guide for MakerBot Print

    The MakerBot Print software has many features that will allow you to prepare and manage your prints. This software can also connect to your 5th Generation Printer to allow you to start/send prints and perform other tasks.

    Preparing Your Model to Print

    Getting your file ready for printing can be overwhelming the first time around. After connecting your printer, follow these instructions to help you start printing your files.

    Adding a Model to Your Virtual Build Plate

    You can add a model to your build plate in a few ways. You can follow the way that is represented below or go to File > Insert File. If you don't yet have files of your own to print, you can access our example files to try out by going to File > Insert Example File.

    Rotating and Scaling Your Model

    Selecting Orient and Scale will allow you to change the orientation of your model and let you rescale your model respectively.

    Changing Settings for Complex Models

    Some files may be more complex than others, files like the one below will need Supports added to its face and hair to ensure a successful print. You can learn more about Custom Settings here. *Please note that Supports are not automatically selected and that this is not a true representation of the Print Preview slicing speed.

    Preview Your Model

    Selecting Print Preview will show you a visualization of how your model will print on your printer. This will show you where the raft and supports will print as well as provide you with a print time estimation. This is a good tool to use to check if there are any errors in your print model. *Please note that complex models will take longer to render a preview.

    Printing Your Prepared Model

    Once you've prepared your file to print and have loaded filament on your printer, you are ready to print! To do so, select your printer and select either the Print or Export button, they will be located in the same location depending on how you're sending prints to your printer.

    If you are connected to your printer, your printer will automatically start heating up. If you are exporting your file, you'll need to export your file to a USB jump drive and take it to the printer.