Network Configuration Requirements for MakerBot Print and Printer Communication

    MakerBot Print reaches out to Makerbot’s servers to provide remote monitoring of printers, to provide user’s saved workflow data and to download software updates.

    In order to allow operation of these functions, MakerBot Print must be allowed bilateral communication across the first two domains and the last site listed below. This means firewalls or antivirus programs will need to have exceptions manually entered accordingly.

    Device Discovery

    MakerBot Printers use MDNS to discover the printers on the local network.

    Discovery will work automatically on home networks. For enterprise networks, you may need to add a configuration to allow MakerBot device discovery. For configuration instructions, see the manufacturer manual for your router.

    MakerBot Device service string : _makerbot-jsonrpc._tcp

    Device communication

    MakerBot Printers listen for TCP socket connections on ports 9999 and 12309 in order to communicate with MakerBot Print.


    If the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet are on separate subnets, it will not be possible to connect a computer connected to the Wi-Fi network to a MakerBot 3D printer connected via Ethernet, and vice versa unless you have MDNS discovery configured so that devices can be discovered across subnets (see Discovery for more information on configuring MDNS for MakerBot discovery). Be sure that the MakerBot 3D printer and the computer are within the same subnet or that MDNS discovery is configured to cross the subnets. If this is not an option, you can enable remote monitoring and printing.

    IPv4 vs IPv6

    We recommend setting your network to IPv4 protocol. If your network is set up with IPv6 protocol, a MakerBot 3D printer may not be able to connect to the network.

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