SR-30 Basics and Best Practices

    What is SR-30

    SR-30 is a proprietary soluble support material developed by Stratasys® that is optimized to work extremely well with ABS due to its unique adhesion properties. It is compatible with the MakerBot Method X 3D using the Support 2XA extruder. Unlike MakerBot PVA, it requires specialized equipment for dissolution.

    What Equipment Will You Need?

    • A circulation tank that provides heat and circulation. We recommend the CleanStation DT3, or SCA-1200HT. 
    • Ecoworks Cleaning Agent Packets (1 packet for 7.5 liters of water)
      • The Mojo Ecoworks Tablets are specifically designed for use in the Wavewash 55 carafe. (1 tablet for 1 gallon of water)
    • Safety Goggles
    • Safety Gloves
    • Stainless Steel Tongs
    • Stainless Steel Strainer

    Note: While safety equipment is not required to handle or use Ecoworks tablets or solution, MakerBot highly recommends it. Manufacturer's guidelines should be followed when using and operating the cleaning system.

    Dissolution Temperature Recommendations

    Liquid temperatures between 70 - 75° C (158 - 167° F) are most effective for dissolving SR-30. Temperatures above 75° C (167° F) may cause parts to distort. Dissolve times with temperatures below 70° C (158° F) will take longer.

    NOTE: Setting or allowing the tank temperature to reach a higher than indicated temperature is likely to damage printed parts.

    Disposal of Used Solution

    A Waste Water Profile is available for SR-30 soluble support material. This profile is based on the dilution of used Ecoworks solution with an equal amount of freshwater. For example, when disposing of 4 gallons (15 liters) of used solution, dilute with 4 gallons (15 liters) of freshwater. Check your local, state, and/or international regulatory statutes for what pH level is acceptable for disposal.

    MakerBot recommends that disposal procedures be verified by the proper authorities in your region. MakerBot cannot anticipate local, state, or international regulatory statutes. MakerBot cannot be held liable if the solution is not handled and disposed of properly. You may need to document how you dispose of the used solution.

    SR-30 Removal Tips

    One way to cut down on dissolution time is to remove some support by hand. For SR-30, one technique is to put the part in a support removal system for an hour or two, wait for the SR-30 to soften up, then remove some of the support material using hand tools.

    NOTE: Use care when removing support material by hand as small / delicate parts or features can easily be damaged or destroyed.

    WARNING: Always wear safety glasses and safety gloves when removing support material by hand. The support material can be brittle and may cause cuts when manually broken off.

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