Custom Print Modes

    Default Print Modes

    Print Modes are customized sets of recommended print settings.

    Balanced: Standard Mode - a balance of high surface quality and quick print time.

    Draft: Quicker "sketch" mode - favors speed over surface quality. Great for multiple iterations.

    MinFill: Fastest mode - uses the absolute minimum amount of internal structure. Ideal for large prints that don't need to be durable.

    Custom Print Modes

    Using Custom Print Modes allows you to modify Default Print Modes and save those settings into Custom Print Modes.

    To select a Print Mode in the Custom Print Mode menu, click on the desired Print Mode then click Done to exit the Custom Print Mode menu.

    Creating Custom Print Modes

    To create a new Custom Print Mode, click the Print Mode you want to modify (Default or Custom), make your modifications, name the Print Mode, then click the "+" icon to save it.

    Clicking another Print Mode with unsaved changes (shown by the *) will cause you to lose your unsaved changes.

    Importing/Exporting Custom Print Modes

    You can also import or export your Custom Print Modes:

    To import a Custom Print Mode:

    To export a Custom Print Mode:

    Using a Modified Print Mode Without Saving

    You can also use modified Print Modes without saving the modifications. To do this, simply click the desired Print Mode and make your modifications. You will notice a * appear next to the modified Print Mode to show that it has unsaved changes. With your modifications set, click Done to exit the Custom Print Mode menu.

    Setting Visibility in the Print Settings Panel

    The Print Settings panel is designed to help you pay attention to only the most important print settings. You can configure this by enabling/disabling the visibility for each settings in the Custom Print Modes menu:

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