MakerBot MultiScan Technology

    What is MultiScan Technology?

    If a completed scan still needs improvement, MakerWare for Digitizer can add additional scans of your object from different angles and combine the scan data using MakerBot MultiScan™ Technology.

    Using MultiScan Technology

    1. Start by scanning your object. Scan it in its tallest position first, so that any unwanted data you crop won't cut off pieces of later scans.
    2. Click and drag in the viewport to examine your raw scan data and figure out which areas need more or better data. Rotate your object on the turntable to expose those areas to the camera.
    3. Click Start MultiScan to begin a new scan. MakerWare for Digitizer will gather the new set of scan data, combine it with the scan data you already have, and create a new mesh. You can add as many additional scans as you need, but two or three are usually enough, and additional scans could reduce surface quality.
    4. When the scan is complete, you have the option to crop out any unwanted data at the top or bottom of your scan. Click here for more on the Crop feature.  

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