Scanning with Your MakerBot Digitizer

    Once you've Calibrated Your MakerBot Digitizer and referred to the Object Placement and Digitizer Placement Guidelines, you're ready to start scanning.

    Position Filter on Camera Lens

    Ensure that the camera filter is positioned over the camera lens. Avoid touching the camera filter or camera lens.


    Place Object on Platform

    See the Object Placement Guidelines. Note that parts of an object that extend outside of the scan cylinder will be excluded from the scan and may affect overall scan quality.

    Select a Scan a Preset

    To get the best scan possible, choose the scan preset that best matches the object you want to scan. Scan presets are based on an object’s shade value, and each preset covers a range of shades.
    An object’s shade value is described as “light,” “medium” or “dark” based on how close it is to white. For instance, flat white is lighter than canary yellow and bright red is lighter than navy blue. Choosing the right scan preset is not an exact science and is based on your judgment of where the object fits within the shade spectrum.
    The preset for dark objects can also work well with other surfaces that are difficult to scan. If object you are scanning is fuzzy or shiny, try using the Dark/Difficult to Scan preset even if it is light in color.
    Choose Light to scan a white or light-colored object.
    Choose Medium to scan a brightly colored object or an object that is neither light nor dark.
    Choose Dark/Difficult to Scan to scan dark, reflective or fuzzy objects. Keep in mind that these objects might not scan well using any settings.
    Note: A fuzzy object is an object with a surface covered in small hairs or fibers. Examples include stuffed animals, velvet-like fabrics and felt.

    Check the Camera View

    If you can see yourself in the camera view, step out of the camera’s line of sight. Before starting to gather scan data, the Digitizer will capture an image of your object and its background and use it to filter the background out of the scan images.

    Click Start Scan

    During the scan, data points will appear in the viewport as the MakerBot Digitizer identifies points on the surface of your object. A progress
    bar will also appear, showing the estimated time remaining in the scan. During the scan, you can use your mouse to view the partial point cloud from different angles.
    Note: Do not touch or move the object being scanned while the scan is in progress.
    • To rotate: left-click and drag within the viewport
    • To pan: middle-click and drag within the viewport OR shift key + left-click and drag within the viewport
    • To zoom: scrollwheel

    After the MakerBot Digitizer finishes scanning your object, MakerWare for Digitizer will automatically turn the generated point cloud into a manifold 3D mesh. A manifold 3D mesh is completely enclosed and has no holes, reversed faces or extra geometry. The meshing process should take approximately two minutes. When the mesh is complete, it will appear in the viewport.

    If your mesh doesn't look quite right, try adding an additional scan using MultiScan Technology.


    When your scan is complete, you have the option to crop your 3D mesh.

    To crop your scan:

    1. When you arrive at the Scan Complete screen, click Crop Scan Area.
    2. Drag the arrows at the right to move the top and bottom cutting planes. Position the planes so that anything you want to cut off the bottom of your scan is below the bottom cutting plane and everything you want to cut off at the top of your scan is above the top cutting plane.
    3. Click Preview Crop to see what your cropped scan will look like. If you are not happy with the crop, click Undo Crop to restore both cutting planes to their original positions. You can also click the X on a cutting plane’s arrow to restore only that plane to its original position.
    4. When you are happy with your results, click Done Cropping to crop your scan. You can return to the Crop screen from the Scan Complete screen by clicking Edit Crop. You will not be able to return to the Crop screen after saving your scan or starting MultiScan.

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