MakerBot Desktop: Library

    All Things

    The All Things folder contains every model you save from MakerBot Thingiverse, purchase from the MakerBot Digital Store, and personal files you upload from your computer. Search the All Things folder, or any folder, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the upper right corner and then using the keyword search field.

    Purchased Things

    Content you purchase from the MakerBot Digital Store appears here. To start, you will have two free sample files already in your Purchased Things folder.


    When in the Explore tab of MakerBot Desktop, you can click Collect on a Thing's page to save it to your Library. You'll have the choice of saving it to the Things to Make folder, or creating a new folder. Any design you publish to Thingiverse will be filed in the My Designs folder.

    My Library

    The My Library section is where you can store files you upload from your own computer that did not originate from either Thingiverse or the MakerBot Digital Store. You can add files to your My Library folder by adding a model from your computer to the Prepare screen and then saving it, or by clicking New and selecting New Thing.

    Note: These are designs you've chosen to not yet share on Thingiverse. If you decide to share any of them later, MakerBot Desktop will make a public copy and keep the first version in its original folder.


    Click +New to either add a new Thing or new private folder. When you choose to add a new Thing, a dialog box will open allowing you to navigate to your file and upload it. Feel free to name it and add a description. To add a private folder, select New Private Folder and give it a name. Then click OK. The folder will appear in the My Library section.

    Using the Library as Part of Your Workflow

    The MakerBot Cloud Library can also be central to your design and discovery process, and can be woven into your workflow in different ways:

    • If you're just browsing Thingiverse for inspiration, or don't want to start printing quite yet, collect Things now and they'll be ready to print for later - all in once place in your Library.
    • Upload your personal files to your Library to keep those projects organized.
    • If you made some changes to a file and saved that layout, go back to that file within the Library and find your personalized layout ready for you to print again.

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