Custom Profiles: Toolpath



    If you set doPrintProgress to "true," build progress will be displayed on the LCD panel of your MakerBot.

    "startGcode" / "endGcode"


    Toolpaths created for MakerBot 3D printers up to and including the MakerBot Replicator 2X require short Gcode files appended to the beginning and end to do things like turn the heaters and off and home the build platform and extruder or extruders. By default, these files are generated by MakerBot Desktop. If you want to use a custom start or end Gcode file, use the "startGcode" and "endGcode" settings to specify the locations of the files you want to use. To disable these settings, erase the file path currently specified or change the setting names to "startGcode_disabled" and "endGcode_disabled".

    You can also use and edit the standard start and end Gcode files stored in the custom profile folder. Any custom profile you create will include a start.gcode file and an end.gcode file. To find these files, use Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) to navigate to Things > profiles > [Custom Profile Name]. These are the files specified in the "startGcode" and "endGcode" settings by default.

    Fifth Generation MakerBot 3D printers do not use GCode. GCode files referenced here will be ignored when creating a toolpath for a Fifth Generation MakerBot 3D printer.

    "commentClose" / "commentOpen"


    Different 3D printers use different characters to indicate comments in Gcode. The MakerBot Slicer's default settings are optimized for use with MakerBot 3D printers.

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