Custom Profiles: Shells


    Integer, [1, infinity]

    This defines the number of shells printed on each layer. If any layer of your model cannot accommodate the number of shells you have specified, the slicer will print as many shells as possible.


    Decimal, [0, 1]

    This defines the overlap between the innermost shell and the adjacent infill extrusion. A value of 0.0 will result in lines of infill that completely overlap the innermost shell. A value of 1.0 will result in lines of infill that just touch the innermost shell.


    Decimal, multiplier of layer width

    This defines the space between adjacent shells. The number is a multiplier of the extrusion width. Set this under 1 to have the insets, or inner shells, overlap, and over one to create gaps between the insets. MakerBot recommends that the insets overlap slightly.



    When "shellsLeakyConnections" is set to "false," the extruder will continue to extrude plastic when moving between two shells. When "shellsLeakyConnections" is set to "true," the extruder will not extrude or retract any plastic during these moves. This can help avoid a buildup of extra plastic.



    When “doFixedShellStart” is set to “true,” the outer shell on each level will start on the same vertical line, creating a visible, straight seam or zipper. When it is set to “false,” the outer shell start positions will vary to distribute the zipper over a wider area.



    “fixedShellStartDirection sets the angle of the zipper when “doFixedShellStart” is set to “true.” An angle of zero degrees will place the zipper at the back of your print. Increasing the angle moves the zipper clockwise. When “doFixedShellStart” is set to “false,” this setting will not be used.

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