Custom Profiles: Positioning



    The Z-axis offset for your MakerBot is stored in the bot's onboard preferences. The bedZOffset setting allows you to make an alteration to that setting for a specific slicing profile.

    "startX" / "startY" / "startZ"


    These settings define the starting position of all three axes when your print begins.

    If you are using a custom start.gcode file (see below) that moves your extruder to a final position different from the one described by these three settings, you must change the positions described here to match the final position set in your custom start.gcode. 


    Integer, [0,1]

    When you use the MakerBot Slicer with MakerBot Desktop, you will assign objects to different extruders using the Object Information menu. When you call the MakerBot Slicer manually, this setting will determine which extruder will be used to build your object. On a machine with dual extruders, 0 is the right toolhead and 1 is the left toolhead. On a machine with a single extruder, the single toolhead is 0.

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