Custom Profiles: Layers



    Defines the height of each layer.

    "layerHeightMinimum" / "layerHeightMaximum"


    These settings determine which of the three basic profiles is used when you enter a layer height into the Quality tab in the Settings dialog. They are not used when slicing with a custom profile.

    "layerWidthMaximum" / "layerWidthMinimum"


    "layerWidthMinimum" and "layerWidthMaximum" limit the width of extrusion by overriding "layerWidthRatio" when necessary. By default "layerWidthMinimum" and "layerWidthMaximum" are set to the same value. This ensures that the layer width remains the same no matter what layer height is set.


    Decimal, ratio

    This defines the ratio of extrusion width over layer height. If the "layerWidthRatio" produces an extrusion width between the value set for "layerWidthMinimum" and the value set for "layerWidthMaximum", the extrusion width will be equal to the layer height setting multiplied by the layer width ratio.



    This option will only appear in custom profiles that have been updated from an earlier version of MakerBot Desktop or MakerWare. It allows your older profiles to continue to function with the current version of the MakerBot Slicer without changing any values you may have entered.

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