Custom Profiles: Exponential deceleration

    The exponential deceleration settings allow you to use the oozing plastic at the end of a move before retraction. These settings can only be used in print files created for Fifth Generation MakerBot 3D Printers.



    Melted plastic is a liquid, so when your extruder stops extruding, plastic will continue to ooze out of the nozzle for a short time at a decreasing rate. Exponential deceleration allows you to use that oozing plastic. First, it stops extrusion a little bit early, so that it can use the ooze to finish the line of extrusion. Then it slowly decelerates the extruder to correspond with the decreasing flow of plastic, so that extrusion width remains consistent.

    Set to "true" to turn on exponential deceleration and ooze settings. Set to "false" to stop extrusion normally.


    Ratio, [0.0,1.0]

    During exponential deceleration, the extruder speed will slow from its initial speed to the product of the initial speed and this number. 


    Millimeters/second, [0.0, 150.0]   

    When the extruder slows down during Exponential Deceleration, its speed will not fall below the value set here.


    Positive integer

    This sets the number of different speeds used during exponential deceleration. A larger number will make the changes in speed smoother, but will also make your print files larger.


    Millimeters of feedstock

    The extruder will always extrude this much plastic before exponential deceleration is used. On moves that use less than the length of feedstock set here, extrusion will stop normally. On moves that use more than this amount of plastic but less than this amount combined with the amount set in "oozeFeedstockDistance," the amount of plastic allowed to ooze will be reduced.


    Millimeters of feedstock

    The amount of plastic that oozes out of the extruder between the time when the extruder stops and the end of the line of extrusion.

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