Custom Profiles: Bridging



    When "doBridging" is set to "true," the slicer will make sure that lines of extrusion that bridge gaps will always run between stable anchor regions. When "doBridging" is set to false, none of the bridging settings below will be used.

    "bridgeAnchorMinimumLength" / "bridgeAnchorWidth"


    The bridge anchor settings determine which sections on an object can be used as stable anchor regions. If an anchor region is too narrow or too shallow, it will not provide a large enough base for the end of your bridge. Sections of your object narrower than the value set for "bridgeAnchorMinimumLength" or shallower than the value set for "bridgeAnchorWidth" will not be used as anchor regions.



    This setting is used to determine the definition of a bridge. Any object with a bridge-like section longer than the value entered here will not trigger the MakerBot Slicer's bridging settings. Unsupported bridges that are too long will not print well regardless of whether or not the bridging settings are being used.



    Lines of extruded plastic on the first layer of a bridge are narrower than lines of extrusion that rest on another layer because they cannot be squashed into a lower layer. The "bridgeSpacingMultiplier" setting offers the opportunity to print those lines closer together, so that they can overlap. The MakerBot Slicer determines the amount of overlap by multiplying extrusion width by the value set for "bridgeSpacingMultiplier" and using that value as the expected extrusion width. This results in the slicer spacing the lines of extrusion as if they are smaller than they actually are. This feature is experimental and may not be helpful. To have the lines on the first layer of a bridge print with normal spacing, set "bridgeSpacingMultiplier" to 1.

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