MB Cloud Guide for Teachers

    What is MakerBot Cloud?

    MakerBot Cloud allows you to print anywhere with an internet connection - no download needed. You’ll be able to prepare and queue all your students’ print files in minutes, and the software is always up to date!

    Getting Started

    To get started, go to cloud.makerbot.com & log in. If you don’t already have a MakerBot account, click “Sign Up” to create one.

    Creating a Workspace

    The first step into monitoring multiple printers across multiple classrooms at once is by creating a workspace. Workspaces can be used for different classes, teachers, groups of printers, and projects. 

    Adding Members to a Workspace

    After naming your workspace, you'll be asked to add members to your workspace. We recommend adding fellow faculty members & students that you are comfortable with managing the printers & printer queue. You'll be able to share a link with students & faculty members that you do no want to have full access.

    If adding multiple members to your team, make sure to include a comma after every email address.

    Adding Printers to a Workspace

    Next, you’ll be asked to add printers into your workspace. To add printers they must already be authorized to your account and online. For more details on how to get your printer online, see this article for SKETCH & this article for Replicator+. 

    By clicking "Share with Workspace", you'll be sharing access to this printer with all members of the workspace.

    Starting a Print

    To start a print, click on the “Print Jobs” icon, underneath the MakerBot Logo to go to the print jobs page. Click "Create a New Print Job”, located on the top right corner to start a new print.

    You’ll be asked to choose a printer and a file to upload to MakerBot Cloud. You can choose to queue to a specific printer or to queue by a printer type:

    • Queue to a specific printer: This option will allow you to select an individual printer by its given name. If the printer selected displays as “idle or complete”, your print job will begin right away. Otherwise, print jobs will be added to the end of the queue for that printer.

    • Queue by a printer type: This option allows your file to be sent to the next available printer of the same printer type. If you have multiple of the same printer type, Cloud will select the printer with the shortest queue.

    Queue Sharing

    To allow students to submit their files to your workspace, you can use Queue Sharing. Click on the "Queue Sharing" button on the print jobs page to start sharing your queue. 

    You'll see a unique link generated for your workspace. This link allows your students to submit their files to your workspace without creating an account. Click "copy"  to copy onto your clipboard and share with your students via email or however you share links with your students.


    If you would like to leave feedback or suggestions for CloudPrint, please do so HERE