Commonly Asked Questions

    What is MakerBot University?

    MakerBot University is MakerBot's online training and certification program where you can learn about MakerBot 3D printers, test your 3D printing knowledge, and earn MakerBot Certification. You can complete the training material entirely online, or by attending one of our in-person Blended Learning Workshops. In either scenario, you will earn a MakerBot Certification after completing a series of final assessments.

    How do I earn a certificate?

    Prepare for your exam by completing the self-paced online learning program or an in-person Blended Learning Workshop. After completing final assessments, users receive a MakerBot Certification badge. You can download your certificate by viewing your profile >> selecting courses >> and clicking on the badge next to a corresponding exam.

    When does my certification expire?

    Certifications must be renewed every three years. Participants will be required to complete a recertification course and exam to renew their certification.

    Do I have to complete all of the training material within each course?

    If you feel comfortable with the material within a course or learning plan, you may jump directly to the quiz or exam. If you do not pass, we recommend that you return to the course, review the material, and retake the quiz or exam.

    Can I retake a quiz or exam if I don’t pass?

    Yes, you have unlimited attempts to pass a quiz or exam.

    Are the exams mandatory?

    You’ll need to take and pass an exam to earn your MakerBot Certification. You're still welcome to complete either course and opt not to complete the exam.

    Is a MakerBot 3D Printer required in order to complete the certification?

    Access to a MakerBot 3D printer is required in order to earn your certificate. If you are interested in purchasing a printer contact  

    How does online certification differ from the in-person Blended Learning Workshops you offer?

    The in-person Blended Learning Workshops provide participants with the opportunity for additional hands-on time with MakerBot 3D printers. Online certification contains the same content. However, you can work at your own pace to complete the course material.

    How many CEU credits can I receive?

    MakerBot Certification™ courses are generally available for CEU credits, however, it is the educator's responsibility to verify eligibility with official school or state offices prior to enrolling in course.

    Currently, MakerBot is a registered technology partner of the New York City Department of Education. Participants of the NYCDOE sponsored classes receive 5 hours of CTLE (Continuing Teacher Leader Education) credit upon completion of the MakerBot Certification Blended Workshop session.  

    Can I access a course after I complete it?

    You will have 180 days after beginning a course to earn your certificate. All learning plans and course materials will remain available for you to access within MakerBot University.

    How do I access a Learning Plan / Course?

    Once logged into MakerBot University, view your list of Learning Plans by either clicking on the MakerBot University logo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen or by selecting “Menu” and then “My Dashboard.” Access to MakerBot University is granted for one year from initial access.

    Are the MBU courses available in any language?

    Currently, training material is only available in English. However, you are welcomed to change the language of the user interface by selecting “change language” on the left-hand side of the screen.

    What's the difference between a learning plan, a course, and training material?

    Learning plans are made up of multiple courses, and each course is comprised of several pieces of training material (i.e., videos, PDF’s, quizzes). Earn a certificate by completing the mandatory assessments (quizzes, assignments, and exam) within a learning plan.

    I previously attended a MakerBot training session, does that mean I have MakerBot certificate?

    We’ve recently revamped our training and certification curriculum. To earn your MakerBot Certification, you’ll need to complete the mandatory assessments within MakerBot University. We encourage you to first review the online training material before taking an exam, but if you already feel confident in your knowledge, you’re welcome to skip the courses and head straight to the assessments.

    Can I receive a refund?

    MakerBot Certification may not be resold and is non-transferable and non-refundable.

    What are the minimum system requirements?

    • Speakers or headphones

    • Visit MakerBot’s Support Page for system requirements for MakerBot Print

    Can I view MakerBot University on a mobile device or tablet?

    MakerBot University is mobile and tablet-friendly.

    Can I print or download a course?

    Each learning plan has a review section with select training material available for download.

    Is there someone I can contact for help with MakerBot University?

    Contact if you are experiencing issues.

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