Manually Installing Drivers For Your Replicator (Original)

    If you’re using your MakerBot Replicator (Original) on Windows, you’ll need to install a driver. The “installer” version of ReplicatorG will try to do that automatically, and you’ll only need these directions if it fails, or if you’re doing a manual installation.

    To get started, plug in your MakerBot Replicator and turn it on. Make sure that you’ve already installed ReplicatorG. You might see a message about the driver installation.

    To properly install the drivers, you’ll need to go to the Device Manager. This is located in different places in some versions of Windows, but on Windows 7, you can find it by right-clicking on Computer in the Start menu and then choosing Properties.

    Next, you’ll see the System Properties page.  Click on Device Manager in the upper left.

    You should see a yellow exclamation point next to The Replicator. Double-click it to open the Properties menu.

    Now navigate to the Driver tab. Here you’ll want to click on Update Driver.

    On the next screen, choose Browse My Computer.

    Another screen will pop up. Click the button labeled Browse.

    Now navigate to where you’ve installed ReplicatorG. The drivers will be located in a subfolder called Drivers. Select it and hit OK.

    Windows will tell you that the driver software isn’t “verified,” and ask you whether you want to install it anyway. You do. Choose Install this software anyway.

    After a few moments, you should see a screen like this:

    If you see a message like this that refers to either the “MightyBoard” or “Replicator” you’re all set. You should see a new COM port in the Connection (serial port) menu next time you open ReplicatorG. Choose that, as well as the appropriate machine type, and you should be good to go.

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