The First Run Experience

    First, make sure that you’ve completed all the steps in the MakerBot Replicator Setup Guide. Your MK8 Stepstruder should be bolted in place, your filament guide tubes connected, and your spools of filament mounted on the spool holders. You can plug in your power supply now, too. 

    If everything is ready, then flip on the power button on the back of your MakerBot Replicator and hold onto your hat. Not literally, though -- if this causes a large gust of wind, you should probably contact tech support!

    Your MakerBot Replicator will now guide you through initial setup and your first print. You should see a welcome message on the LCD screen.

    If you don’t see something like that, don’t worry -- just go to Utilities > Run Startup Script. Use the up and down keys to move the cursor and push the M to select. The button is pretty sensitive, so push it gently. Here are a few other things to remember about the M button:

    • A solid red M means the bot is working. Look at the LCD screen or application for status. A blinking red M means the bot is waiting for user input.
    • There are four arrow buttons surrounding the M. Use the arrows to navigate and make selections. The left arrow will also often let you go back or cancel an action.

    First the startup script will teach you a few basic things about how your MakerBot Replicator works. Then it will help you level the platform, load filament, and start a test print.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your MakerBot Replicator for the first time! Click these links if you need further information about leveling the platform or loading the filament.

    Your First Print

    Now your MakerBot Replicator will ask if you’re ready to print.

    Make sure your SD card is in the SD card slot at the right side of your MakerBot Replicator. Then, if you’ve successfully leveled your platform and loaded filament into your extruder, answer yes! Your MakerBot Replicator will drop you into the “Print from SD” menu. Select one of the prints we pre-loaded onto the SD card and watch your MakerBot Replicator go to work!

    If your MakerBot Replicator shipped on or after July 9th, 2012, you may see two sets of example prints on your SD card. The second set is for printing with acceleration, and those files will start with "acc_." Check that acceleration is turned on before you print accelerated files. Bots shipped with Firmware 5.5 have acceleration turned off by default. Bots shipped with Firmwares 6.2 and later ship with acceleration turned on.

    Ready to find more things to print? Install MakerBot Desktop and learn how to print designs from MakerBot Thingiverse and all over the internet.

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