How to Update Firmware on the MakerBot Replicator

    MakerBot is no longer actively developing firmware for the original MakerBot Replicator. The most recent firmware available is Replicator Firmware 7.5.

    To download and install this firmware, follow these steps:

    1. Click here To download Replicator Firmware 7.5

    2. Make sure your MakerBot Replicator is connected to your computer via USB cable.

    3. Locate the reset switch. It's on the back of your MakerBot Replicator, just to the right of the USB port. You will also need a tool to press the button--your finger probably won't fit.

    4. In MakerBot Desktop, go to DevicesUpdate Firmware.

    5. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the downloaded file. Select the file and click Open.

    6. Click Update Firmware, wait a fraction of a second, and then press the reset button. It will take a little while, but soon you should see a message saying that your firmware has been updated successfully.

    If your firmware does not update successfully, don't worry--the correct timing can vary from computer to computer. Try pressing the reset button just before you click Update Firmware, or waiting a full second between clicking the update button and pressing the switch.

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