How to Change the Heated Build Platform Temperature

    If Using MakerBot Desktop

    In the Prepare tab, click on Settings. The Platform Temperature setting is at the lower left. Make any changes to the setting and click OK. These settings will remain until you edit and save them again.

    If Using ReplicatorG

    Go into your generated Gcode and find the line that begins with "M109."

    It will be about fifteen lines down, and the entire line will look something like this: M109 S100 T0 (set HBP temperature) The number after the S is the temperature -- just delete it and replace it with another number. For example, you might find that your ABS prints stick better at 110° C, or that your PLA prints go better if the heated build plate is only set to 40° or 50° C.

    If you like your new build platform temperature so much that you want to use it all the time, you can edit the start.gcode file for your profile -- try going to the "Edit Slicing Profiles" window and clicking the "Locate" button. The start.gcode file is where the temperature settings come from, so once you edit it, everything you slice with that profile should show your new temperature.

    Makerbot is no longer actively supporting ReplicatorG. We recommend upgrading to MakerBot Desktop.

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