Assembly: Z-Stage

    Z-Stage Platform x 1

    Z-Motor Nut x 1

    Place the Z-stage platform on the table with the etching for the Z-motor nut facing up.

    Place the Z-motor nut onto the circle on the platform. Make sure the collar is facing up and NOT fitting into the hole.

    M3x10mm Socket Cap Bolt x 4

    Flip the platform over and secure the Z-motor nut with four M3x10 bolts. 

    Cable Clip Blind Hole Mount x 1

    Turn the platform so that the Z-motor nut is facing away from you and push the cable clip into the round hole, with the opening facing the near edge of the platform. 


    Lasercut “MakerBot” x 1

    Place the back plate into the slots behind the Z-motor nut.

    M3x16 x 2

    M3 Nut x 2

    Secure the back plate with M3x16mm bolts and M3 Square Nuts.

    Lasercut “Replicator” x 1

    Place the “Replicator” lasercut plate into the slots directly in front of the Z-motor nut, with the text facing outward.

    M3x16 x 2

    M3 Nut x 2

    Secure the “Replicator” plate with M3x16mm bolts and M3 square nuts.

    M3x35 Flat Head Bolt x 2

    3/4″ Spacer x 2

    M3 Nut x 2

    Insert the two ¾” spacers between the two plates and line them up with the bolt holes. 

    Bolt the two pieces together using the M3x35 mm bolts and M3 nuts. The bolts should point from the front to the back. Tighten the bolts down until the bolt heads are flush with the “Replicator” plate.

    Linear Bearing x 4

    Replicator Z-Arm x 2

    Line up the linear bearings in the Z-arms. Don’t push them into the sockets yet.

    Flip the Z arms over and double check that the bearings are still lined up. Then, with the linear bearings lined up, push down on the Z-arms. The bearings should snap into place. Make sure they are seated properly.

    Push one of the Z-arms onto the platform, making sure to line up the slots. The two Z-arms are identical, so don’t worry about which arm goes on which side.

    Do not install the other arm yet. 

    M3x16 x 5

    M3 Nut x 5

    Count out five M3x16 bolts and five M3 square nuts and use them to bolt the Z-arm into place.

    If you haven’t used all five nuts and bolts, you’ve missed something — check the corner.

    Lasercut MakerBot Plate x 1

    Once the Z-arm has been bolted in, add the MakerBot plate to the slot at the front of the Z-arm.

    M3x16 x 5

    M3 Nut x 5

    Now bolt the other Z-arm onto the other side of the Z-stage. Make sure you have used all five M3x16 bolts and M3 nuts


    Congratulations! You have completed the Z-Stage.

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