Assembly: Heated Build Plate

    Heater Board PCBA x 1

    Place your heater board on the table. The side that says “HOT ZONE” should face up.

    Cover this side of the heater board with Kapton tape.

    Replicator Heat Spreader x 1

    Take out the aluminum heat spreader. Note that the holes in the plate are recessed on one side. 

    Lay the heat spreader flat against the heater board. Make sure that the recessed holes in the heat spreader are facing away from the heater board and that the Kapton-taped side of the heater board is facing the heat spreader.

    M3x30 Flat Head x 4

    M3x14 Flat Head x 6

    Add six M3x14 bolts to the holes on the short sides of the platform and four M3x30 bolts to the four remaining holes. Make sure the bolt heads fit into the recessed holes on the aluminum plate.

    Inserted Hex Nuts x 10

    Add the nuts to the 10 bolts, making sure the flat side of each nut faces the heater board. 

    Set the power screwdriver to the lowest torque setting and use it to tighten each bolt. Once the bolts have been tightened, make sure you can still turn each nut with your fingers.

    The bolts won’t all be equally tight, and that’s fine. You shouldn’t be able to see light between the heater board and the heat spreader, but a little bit of looseness is okay.

    Congratulations! You’re done with the Heated Build Platform stage.

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