Assembly: Gantry

    Linear Bearings x 4

    Dual Extruder Carriage x 1

    Add grease to the inside of the four bearings.

    Turn the carriage upside down and place the bearings in their slots, but don’t push the bearings in just yet.

    Flip the carriage over so that it rests on the bearings and double check to make sure the bearings are still lined up. Then use your body weight to push the extruder carriage down onto the bearings until they snap in.

    Flip the carriage over again and make sure the bearings are seated properly in their slots in the extruder carriage. 

    424 Tooth Timing Belt x 1

    Insert the 424 tooth belt into its slot in the extruder carriage. Wedge the belt into the slot. You can use a hex key to get the belt all the way underneath the holder. 

    Y-Axis Primary x 1

    424 mm rod x 2

    Remove the rods from their protective sleeves, de-grease them with a rag, and discard the sleeves.

    Add one of the 300 mm rods into the Y-axis primary. Do not hammer in the rod just yet. 

    Place the primary on the edge of the table, making sure the non-flat section is hanging over the edge. Then, with a rubber mallet, tap the top of the rod until the rod is all the way into the primary. You will likely hear a change in the sound of the hammer once the rod is all the way in.

    You will be able to see the end of rod through the small hole on the other side of Y-axis primary. If the end of the rod isn’t right up against the side of the primary, try tapping a little bit harder.

    Repeat the process with the second 424 mm rod on the other side of the Y-axis primary. Again, listen for the change in sound and check the hole on the outside of the Y-axis primary to check that the rod is all the way in.

    Orient the gantry with the Y-axis primary on the right. Then flip it so that the “M” on the Y-axis primary is facing down.

    Slide the assembled extruder carriage onto the two rods, making sure the belt for the extruder carriage is in the back.

    Confirm the orientation of the extruder carriage. With the Y-axis primary on your right, you should be able to read the words “Keep it Awesome” on the extruder carriage. The belt should  hang between the two rods.

    Move the extruder carriage back and forth on the two rods. Listen for any creaks or cracks. If you hear something that doesn’t sound right, try swapping out the bearings.

    Note: the bearings must be tested while inside the extruder carriage.

    Y Axis Secondary x 1 

    Push the Y-axis secondary onto the rods.

    Use your hands to push it all the way on. You will not need the rubber mallet. You can check that the rod is all the way in by looking at the holes on the other side of the Y-axis secondary, as with the Y-axis primary.

    Slide the extruder carriage back and forth again to make sure it moves smoothly.

    Stepper Motor x 1

    XY Motor Pulley x 1

    Loosen the set screws in the motor pulley.

    Add the XY pulley to the motor shaft with the shoulder facing down. The shoulder of the XY pulley should be flush with the motor collar.

    Tighten both set screws on the XY pulley. Make sure one of the set screws hits the flat side of the motor shaft.

    Check that the shoulder of the pulley is still flush with the motor collar.

    M3x6 Bolt x 4

    #4 Washer x 4


    Add the four washers to the four bolts.


    With the motor connector facing up and the motor shaft facing towards you, add two M3x6 bolts with washers to the holes at the left side of the motor. 

    Turn the bolts about 1.5 times — just enough to keep them from falling out.


    Dowel Pin x 1

    Idler Pulley x 1

    Apply a small amount of grease to your fingers and use it to coat the dowel pin. Rub the dowel pin between your fingers to evenly distribute the grease.

    Insert the dowel pin into the idler pulley.


    Put the gantry down with the Y-axis secondary facing you and the belt extending towards the back.

    Add the idler pulley and dowel pin into the Y-axis secondary. Make sure the bore of the idler pulley, not the toothed side, is pointed towards the “M” on the Y-axis secondary, and that the 424 tooth belt is looped around the pulley.

    Bring the motor assembly over to the other side of the extruder carriage assembly, next to the Y-axis primary. Place the 424 tooth belt around the XY motor pulley. 

    Flip the gantry so that the extruder carriage is facing down. Note that the belt is at the bottom of the carriage.

    Keeping the motor connector pointed up, slide the motor sideways onto the Y-axis primary. Make sure the washers stay on the outside of the Y-axis primary as you slide the motor on. 

    Push the motor completely into the Y-axis primary so that the remaining two holes on the motor appear in the gaps on the primary. If you’re having trouble getting the motor all the way in, make sure that the two 300 mm rods are all the way into the Y-axis primary and secondary. 

    Keeping tension on the belt, take the other two M3x6 bolts with washers and tighten them into the motor holes. Make sure the bolts go in straight, not at an angle. 

    Mechanical Endstop x 1

    The endstop has a metal flange over the switch. Use a pair of pliers to pinch together the two prongs at one end of the flange and pull it off of the endstop. Be careful: if you don’t pinch together the two prongs, the endstop will be damaged when you remove the flange.

    Take the endstop and slide it into the slots on the Y-axis primary. Do not push on the switch.

    M3x6 Bolt x 1

    Line up the hole in the endstop with the hole in the Y-axis primary.

    Secure the endstop with an M3x6 bolt. The bolt head should be flush against the endstop. Do not overtighten or you will strip the plastic.

    293 Tooth Belt x 2

    Take one of the 293 tooth belts and insert on end into one of the belt holders on the Y-axis primary–the one on the opposite side from the motor. Make sure the the belt extends away from the motor, and that the end of the belt rests approximately halfway between the two holder pieces.


    Use a tool to push the belt all the way into the holder.

    Take the other 293 tooth belt and insert it all the way into the corresponding belt holder on the Y-axis secondary. Make sure it extends toward the same side as the other belt, and that the end of the belt rests halfway between the two holder pieces. 

    Move the carriage into the middle of the gantry.

    Grease both rods evenly on either side of the extruder carriage. A pea-sized amount of grease for the two rods should be just right. Move the carriage back and forth to distribute the grease evenly. 

    Wrap the belts around the gantry ends. Congratulations! You’re done with the Gantry stage.

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